The UAE provides 15 tons of medical and food aid to Peru

The United Arab Emirates, in cooperation with the Vatican, represented by the Vatican Department for Education, has sent a plane containing 15 tons of medical and food aid to those affected by the Amazonian people in the Republic of Peru, which is the first batch of allocated aid amounting to 40 tons.

UAE aid to the Amazon people in Peru

The Uae, In Cooperation With The Vatican, Provides Medical And Food Aid

This cooperation with the Vatican forms part of the Human Fraternity Document for Global Peace and Coexistence, which was signed in Abu Dhabi by the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and His Holiness, Pope Francis, the Pope of the Catholic Church.

The Chargé d’Affairs at the Emirates Embassy in Lima, Jassim Saif Al Shamsi, said: “Sending the aid plane today to Peru reflects the continuous efforts made by the Emirates to provide a helping hand to a large number of countries, in the belief of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates that international solidarity and unite efforts and capabilities. An urgent necessity in the face of a pandemic that is the most dangerous to humans.”

He added, “The United Arab Emirates stands today with the people of Peru in Peru by contributing to the provision of supplies, supplies, and foodstuffs, which reflects the strength and durability of the relations between the two countries that extend for long periods of constructive cooperation and agreement at all levels.”

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The Human Fraternity: Aid from Abu Dhabi to Peru

United Arab Emirates Aid targets those in need in Iquitos in Peru, a city of 400,000 people, located on one of the winds of the Amazon River in the dense Amazon jungle in Peru, and also comes as a continuation of the UAE’s efforts to strengthen the capabilities of the health sector and those in need in various countries of the world to overcome the crisis of COVID-19.

Pontifical Foundation “Gravissimum Educationis”

The initiative sees the cooperation of the Pontifical Foundation “Gravissimum Educationis” which is active in the Catholic Education Complex of the Holy See. His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed has answered the call of Pope Francis to help the peoples of the world’s poorest people by donating health supplies. This cooperation forms part of the Human Fraternity Document for Global Peace and Coexistence, signed in Abu Dhabi on the occasion of Pope Francis’s visit.

In this context, Archbishop “Guy-Réal Thivierge”, Secretary of the Pontifical Institution “Gravissimum Educationis”, said that all peoples not only face the epidemic, but also the poverty that was exacerbated by the quarantine. And in this case, its priority became survival. Therefore we must first meet the basic needs (food and health supplies), and then educational needs. It is an approach that opens the way to integrated education.

According to the Vatican News magazine, In collaboration with the Holy See, the United Arab Emirates delivers 50 tons of emergency medical aid to Peru‘s Amazon region that is battling the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: WAM
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