UAE provides all means of protection to its workers

Since its inception, the UAE has been keen to take care of the workers in various sectors, as they are a major part of society. Therefore, the state has provided them with all means to enhance their productivity in the path of sustainable development.

The UAE’s concern for workers is a global milestone, especially during the current period of the global epidemic of the corona. Where the state provided workers in industrial areas with “Musaffah” two inspection centres. They equipped with the latest international technologies to detect corona. Thus, this initiative came as a strengthening of the UAE to workers with a set of precautionary measures.

The UAE also launched educational campaigns for workers, given the importance of educating them on ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As providing materials and sterilization tools, besides supporting them with the needs. In order to maintain their health and conduct their work is something that the state has not neglected.

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