UAE President Establishes National Counselling Centre

A national counselling centre was set up to guide and reform those convicted of terrorist crimes and ensure they have psychological, social and religious sessions with psychiatrists, social workers and preachers.

Under the order of his highness president of United Arab Emirates, the centre Munasaha launched.

The decree was published in the official gazette and takes effect immediately.

The Cabinet was authorised to set up branches in any other emirate.

The centre aims to guide and reform those who pose a potential terrorist threat or are convicted of terrorist crimes.

It will also undertake the task of rehabilitation of the holders of terrorist or extremist or perverted thought, responding to their ideology and correcting their concepts.

It will contribute to spreading the concept of moderation and rejecting extremism, violence and terrorism.

The counselling centre will also aim at achieving the intellectual, psychological and social balance of the offenders who receive counselling with a view to reintegrating them into society.

It will work to highlight the role played by the UAE to fight terrorism and address the terrorist or extremist or perverted thought.

Persons found to be posing a terrorist threat will be ordered to serve time at the counselling centre based on a ruling from the competent court.

The Public Prosecutor may also order those convicted of terrorist crimes and holding of terrorist or extremist ideology to enrol to the counselling programmes carried out at the prisons where they serve their terms.

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