UAE plans to conduct two million checks for «Corona»

On Monday evening, July 6, the UAE government held a briefing in the capital, Abu Dhabi, to update the latest developments and cases related to the Coronavirus in the country, in which Dr. Amna Al-Dahhak Al-Shamsi, the official spokeswoman for the UAE government, spoke about the latest precautions taken to prevent and plans to conduct two million checks.

UAE plans to examine two million checks with increased cases of COVID-19

Dr. Amna Al Dahhak Al Shamsi Statements:

Dr. Amna Al Dahhak Al Shamsi announced the intention of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, and in coordination with health institutions, in order to conduct more than two million examinations of «COVID-19», to cover the largest segment. Explaining that the examination plan targets workers in the service and government sectors, and includes public transportation drivers and taxis, and workers in hotels and commercial centres, as well as government agency employees.

UAE Two million checks Campaign

Dr. Amna Al Dahhak Al Shamsi announced the conduct of 28009 new tests carried out by health institutions with their staff and heroes in the first line of defence, which works around the clock, contributed to the detection of 528 new cases, isolated immediately, and all of them receive the necessary medical care, bringing the total number of injuries recorded in the state to 52068, including Treatment recipients, recoverers, and deaths.

Brief coronavirus statistics updates

Dr. Amna Al Dahhak Al Shamsi also announced an increase in recovery cases, bringing the total to 40,721, after registering 424 new recoverers, all of whom were discharged from hospitals and returned to their families. It also announced the death of a person infected with the Coronavirus, as a result of complications. This brings the total number of deaths to 324. With these results, the number of patients still receiving treatment reaches 11,023 people of different nationalities.

Al Shamsi said: The numbers and cases during the last weekend, witnessed a slight increase in daily cases of infection, contrary to what we witnessed during the past two weeks, the decrease in the number of cases, and this increase is worrying.

UAE evaluating health conditions locally and globally

She emphasized that the contrary behaviours expose the owner to legal accountability, as it violates the laws enacted by the state to deal in such circumstances, especially the more dangerous behaviours in which the individual and all those around him are at risk of contracting the virus. In addition to obtaining news and official information.

She reaffirmed the necessity of everyone’s commitment, which is currently indispensable, especially with the opening of various economic activities and the return of business, as this stage constitutes a focal point and a watershed in the long march during which the state institutions made continuous efforts led by the heroes of the first line of defence in curbing this epidemic.

She stressed that the UAE government is constantly evaluating health conditions locally and globally to determine the procedures to be followed during the next stage.

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