UAE is Living outside cycle of coronavirus pandemic shock

The latest expectations of the International Monetary Fund for the region, which confirmed that the financial reserve protects the United Arab Emirates from the repercussions of coronavirus pandemic. In fact, not only the cash reserve but alongside it there is a long list of data that play a decisive role in Immunization of the state, its economy and society from the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic that has burdened the countries of the world with enormous economic and social burdens.

UAE during the coronavirus pandemic

The wise United Arab Emirates leadership, with its vision and its decisive and prudent approach to the global coronavirus pandemic, has provided the concerned authorities with a suitable ground to deal with this emergency situation. There are also objective and economic barriers that have fortified the UAE economy against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

UAE’s major investment in technology

UAE objective and economic barriers

These buffers are one of the outcomes of the wise policy pursued by the state in the economy and the vital sectors associated with it, not to mention the stimulus packages, which were launched to enhance the state’s immunity against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. In the same context, it must be noted that the United Arab Emirate’s major investment in technology, which has proven to be very important in managing this crisis.

It has created additional opportunities to deal efficiently with these conditions in which most countries of the world live in a state of shock and paralysis. This is in addition to investing in new sectors and providing support to small and medium companies that can lead an additional wave of diversification.

UAE leads the post-coronavirus pandemic phase

The conclusion of its editorial that these measures and others have placed the United Arab Emirates today at the forefront of countries that live outside the cycle of shock left by the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, and made them with the testimony of the most important international institutions, countries and economies capable of leading the post-pandemic phase.

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