The UAE winning teams in the New Space innovation program

The United Arab Emirates Space Agency, in cooperation with Krypto Labs, the Abu Dhabi-based Global Innovation Center, has announced the names of the 4 winning teams in the New Space innovation program.

The UAE New Space innovation program

The list of winning teams and innovations

It included Kompass Nader, which aims to manufacture a new and advanced generation of sensors to determine the trends and dynamics of many electronic devices, including satellites, and “Light Trapping Dynamic Photovoltaic for Space Applications” which includes innovative solar panels to provide energy.

It also includes «SAR – Sat Arabia», an emerging company that seeks to design and develop a constellation of small satellites to monitor the Earth in a systematic and continuous manner and provide its services to multiple sectors, including agricultural, logistical and security, thus contributing to improving decision-making based on the information and «Smart Navigation Systems» which is a platform It uses artificial intelligence to analyze satellite imagery to provide smart data for government agencies to improve quality and efficiency in planning and sustainability.

Pillars of the New Space innovation program

The New Space innovation program received a number of applications for a candidacy that exceeded 150 applications with the participation of professors, university students, engineers, and entrepreneurs from private companies, government institutions, and various universities.

Speeding Global Space Business initiative

The New Space innovation program is one of the main pillars of the “Speeding Global Space Business” initiative and is the first of its kind in the region, and it is part of the national plan to promote space investment that aims to raise the position of the United Arab Emirates on the map of innovation in global space science and aims to stimulate sustainability in the space sector Establish a sustainable national integrated system through innovation, research, and development, and contribute to a diversified knowledge-based national economy.

All the activities of the New Space innovation program were conducted electronically, including the process of selecting the qualified contestants to participate in the training camp, training, and business offer with a view to joining the program.

Dr Mohamed Nasser Al-Ahbabi, Director-General of the Emirates Space Agency said: “Despite the challenges of the time being, our main priority is to support innovative entrepreneurs who have the ability to stimulate the growth of the space sector, and we are keen to achieve our goals continuously, which focuses on implementing local entrepreneurship activities in The space sector and providing practical solutions to foster a knowledge-based economy and achieve the goals of the Emirates strategy for the fourth industrial revolution. ”

For his part, Eng. Nasser Al Rashdi, Director of Space Policy and Legislations at the United Arab Emirates Space Agency and director of the «Worldwide Space Accelerator» program: “We are proud of the 4 projects chosen to join the New Space innovation program, which all exceeded expectations of quality, creativity, and innovation.”

He explained that the next step is to embrace the business and develop it from the idea or project stage to a startup that is able to compete in the United Arab Emirates market and later in the global markets.

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