Beneficiaries from UAE mobile clinics in Hadramout governorate

The number of beneficiaries of the free mobile clinics of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority during the second week of its operation in the “Al-Eiss area” in the Hadramawt governorate, which is the area from which the nearest government hospital is about 100 kilometres away … about 1140 patients, as part of the efforts of the United Arab Emirates United humanitarian, relief and health care on the Yemeni arena to support the brotherly Yemeni people.

UAE humanitarian health project

1140 beneficiaries from the free mobile services of the Emirati clinics in Hadramout governorate

This humanitarian health project comes in support of families who are unable, especially in remote areas where there are no hospitals or medical centres, and mobile clinics provide primary health care services such as disease detection and chronic follow-up as well as monitoring the health of mothers and children, along with providing medicines Free of charge for patients, in addition to providing treatment for diseases prevalent among families, including diseases of fevers, infections, coughs, influenza, wounds and burns.

A number of beneficiaries of the brotherly Yemeni people expressed their happiness and sincere thanks to the United Arab Emirates and its humanitarian aids, the Red Crescent Authority confirming that the periodic arrival of mobile clinics to their villages eased the burden of moving to hospitals in district centres, especially under the circumstances.

UAE new initiative in Hadramawt governorate

The UAE strengthens its initiatives to fight thirst by opening an artesian well in Hadramawt governorate

The Emirates Red Crescent Authority has strengthened its initiatives to fight thirst and provide water resources in Yemen, as it has implemented hundreds of projects in the past years in the field of safe water supply to the liberated regions and governorates that suffer from a scarcity of this vital facility, from which hundreds of thousands of people in mountainous and desert regions have benefited from them.

In this context, the authority launched a new development project to provide water sources in the Hadramawt governorate desert, represented by the opening of an artesian well in the Haram area of ​​the Al-Qaf district in Hadramawt governorate, with a depth of 470 meters, benefiting 4 thousand people, to meet the needs of the inhabitants of the desert regions in Hadramawt governorate, which suffers from water scarcity.

A new development project in Hadramawt governorate

The project also included installing an integrated solar energy system with 204 panels, building a tank of 200 cubic meters, connecting it to the mainline water network with a length of 36,000 meters and providing it with a plunger, and its production of water is 3.5 litres per second, and the water salinity ratio reached 0.52 millilitres, which is considered water. Pure drinkable health, in accordance with international standards.

UAE leaders supervision over the project

These initiatives and projects come within the directives of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and the follow-up of Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, to provide humanitarian support to the brothers in Yemen.

Dr. Muhammad Ateeq Al Falahi, Secretary-General of the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, confirmed that the authority completed the project in record time, despite the challenges facing the Yemeni arena, Hadramawt governorate, in addition to the fact that the area is desert and consists of sprawling villages distributed on mountain tops at high altitudes above sea level. It required digging too deep depths to reach safe water, extract it through pumps, and distribute it through long networks to the homes of residents scattered in the desert.

He said: The project to combat thirst in Yemen also comes within the Commission’s commitment to strengthening basic services in Yemen, through a comprehensive development plan that meets the needs of the Yemeni arena in all fields.

Al-Falahi added: “The commission always strives to fulfil its duty in Yemen and to provide all forms of humanitarian support, under the directives of the wise leadership to provide the necessary supplies to the population and assist them.

Source: WAM
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