UAE Ministry of Health new initiative for Infected children

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention has achieved a number of wishes for children receiving health care in the ministry’s hospitals and in quarantine and domestic isolation centres in cooperation with the “Investigating Security” Foundation, where they were interviewed with virtual reality technology from a distance to identify their wishes and draw a smile on their faces.

The UAE Ministry of Health fulfils the wishes of COVID-19 infected children

This comes in the context of keenness to strengthen the bonds of solidarity and social cohesion, and support children with “COVID-19” to raise their spirits, enhance their positivity and reassurance, and reduce the psychological burden on them.

The wishes of children included obtaining smart tablets and electronic media that help in entertaining them with interactive educational games that improve the way they think and realize and develop their skills in a creative way as children and their families interact with the initiative after achieving their wishes.

The UAE Ministry of Health societal initiative

The families of the children praised this societal initiative, expressing their thanks and gratitude to the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection and the “Achieving Security” Foundation for the human and noble values ​​that characterize the Emirates community and which encourage the spread of good and giving.

Dr. Kulthoom Mohammed Al Balushi, Director of Hospitals Department at the Ministry, stressed the importance of this community initiative in cooperation with the “Achieving Security” Foundation, which represents a model of the values ​​of solidarity and solidarity in the UAE society, in a way that enhances the positive feeling among injured children and gives them time for entertainment and happiness.

This comes within the framework of the keenness of governmental institutions to achieve the wishes that make children happy and feel their community solidarity with them to motivate them to pass the stage, pointing out that the ministry provides integrated health and psychological care and care for corona patients through the application of the medical protocol in hospitals based on the capabilities and resources provided by the government Al-Rasheedah to provide health services to patients according to best practices.

For his part, Hani Alzubaidi – CEO – Make-A-Wish Foundation, praised the efforts of the UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection to achieve the wishes of children infected with Coronavirus.

He stressed that the Foundation is always ready to cooperate with all governmental and private bodies seeking to fulfil their social responsibilities, spread concepts of happiness in society, introduce joy into the hearts of sick children, and promote hope in their hearts with their families.

Source: WAM
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