UAE medical supplies to Iraqi Kurdistan to combat Corona

The most prominent UAE aid during the past few days was to a number of countries, including Sudan, Ghana and Iraqi Kurdistan, where the UAE sent, today, Thursday, an aid plane containing 7 tons of medical supplies to Iraqi Kurdistan, to support it in curbing the spread of the new Coronavirus, which benefits more Of the 7,000 health care workers to strengthen their efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

UAE sent medical supplies to Iraqi Kurdistan to fight COVID-19

The UAE continues to assist all countries in the Middle East in its crises, especially in light of the recent spread of the Coronavirus around the world and extends a helping hand in relief and financial assistance in order to support the resilience of the peoples of the region in facing the virus.

Ahmad Al Dhaheri, the Consul General of the Emirates to the Kurdistan of Iraq, stressed the UAE’s keenness to extend a helping hand to Iraqi Kurdistan to help it tackle the new Coronavirus, pointing out that the fraternal relationship between the UAE and Iraq forms the basis of this cooperation, which will enable us to support workers On the front lines of Iraq to fight this epidemic.

UAE and Iraqi Kurdistan relations

He added that the UAE stands with Iraq in its relentless pursuit to preserve public health in light of the difficult circumstances the country is going through.

It is noteworthy that the UAE has provided more than 658 tons of aid to date to more than 57 countries, benefiting about 658 thousand health care workers.

The Executive Director of the World Food Program offers thanks and appreciation

On Thursday, the Executive Director of the World Food Program, David Beasley, thanked the UAE for providing equipment that will be used to establish a field hospital in Ghana, which will be used to provide medical care to aid workers in West Africa.

The UAE has launched an international air bridge to provide a line of health and humanitarian supplies, as part of a major contribution to the United Nations Global Humanitarian Response Plan to combat the emerging Corona pandemic.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, David Paisley posted a video clip in front of the plane carrying aid, commenting: “Right from Accra. I am here in front of the C17 (plane) provided by the United Arab Emirates. I just landed carrying parts of a hospital A field we are creating to provide medical care to aid workers in West Africa. ”

He thanked the government of Ghana, the United Arab Emirates and all donors before he published another video, in which he explained that he had contacted the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, to request assistance.

He added: “This plane is a result of the kindness and generosity of the UAE … As soon as I requested help from Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, he agreed to provide it immediately without even blinking his eyelid.”

The video was also attached to a comment that said: “The air bridge between the UAE and the World Food Program is in progress. We are lucky to have a C17 in Accra today. It is testimony to the tremendous assistance provided by the United Arab Emirates and its assistance to the World Food Program in transporting medical equipment. Of the Covid-19 epidemic around the world.”

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development

In a related context, Abu Dhabi Fund for Development announced the supply of supplies to support the educational sector in Sudan, as part of the urgent aid package provided by the UAE, through the delivery of the third shipment of school seats covering the needs of 150,000 students to strengthen the march of the educational sector in Sudan.

The total value of the assistance provided by the Fund to support the educational sector in Sudan is about 55 million dirhams, equivalent to (15 million dollars), which meets the needs of 400,000 students from academic seats in various Sudanese states, as the first and second shipments were delivered early this year.

The third consignment of seats was delivered, in coordination between Hamad Muhammad Hamid Al-Junaibi, the country’s ambassador to the Republic of Sudan, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, member of the Sovereign Council of the Republic of Sudan.

Source: WAM
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