UAE mass testing campaign is working

The number of people reported to be infected with Coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates is growing rapidly. While many would take the increasing numbers as a bad sign, it is actually proof that the anti-viral initiatives put in place by the UAE are working. While many countries face uncertainty in their numbers, the UAE has proactively pursued testing. Allowing them to isolate and treat as many cases of COVID-19 as possible.

Reliable numbers tell the truth about COVID-19

Coronavirus took many countries by surprise. Most of them had no idea how fast or aggressively the virus would spread and struggled to react in time to prevent the number of infected cases reaching epidemic levels.

With thousands of infected patients on their hands’ many countries forced to put their priorities into healthcare. Testing had become a secondary consideration, leaving many people unable to find out if they even had the virus.

The UAE was one of the first nations to impose restrictions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The aggressive measures taken by UAE authorities have worked effectively to contain the spread of the outbreak.

Total Number of COVID-19 tests in UAE

Now the UAE is ramping up its testing campaign. Approximately 650,000 people have already received COVID-19 tests. Due to this laser-focused campaign healthcare authorities have been able to identify and isolate over 4,000 infected cases and begin treatment.

While the numbers in the UAE may seem to be increasing rapidly, this is only a good thing. By identifying every single case of people infected with COVID-19 the nation will be able to remove them from the rest of society and give them the highest level of treatment.

Nobody can be sure of the true numbers of the total cases in countries which refuses to test their citizens. Only time will tell what kind of issues this will bring. It won’t be something the UAE is going to have problems with though.

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