UAE lifestyle of citizens and residents during coronavirus

All the Citizens and residents across the Emirates change their UAE lifestyle to abide by the precautionary measures of the country and stay in their homes to help to limit the spread of coronavirus in the UAE.

UAE Lifestyle during coronavirus

The period of the national sterilization program, they express their love, appreciation and respect to the UAE, leaders and people. Their confidence in the UAE’s ability to tackle this difficult crisis by chanting the Emirati national anthem.

The lifestyle across the Emirates during coronavirus crisis

Not only that but also one of the citizens, when he was sitting at home during the curfew period. He expressed by his way the intense love for the country where he painted and coloured the image of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on his soul, and also the new emblem of the state on the roof of his house to express how much he love, pride and affiliation to the country.

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