UAE Leads The Way In Fighting Emerging Coronavirus “Covid 2019”

The UAE dealt ideally with the spread of the emerging coronavirus “Covid 2019”, and Asian countries should have followed its steps, since the beginning of the virus outbreak.

The UAE stable steps in combating coronavirus

The newspaper, issued from Hong Kong, published a special report yesterday entitled

“The UAE is Leading the Way to Fight the Dependencies of the New Corona”.

UAE Leads The Way In Fighting Emerging Coronavirus “Covid 2019”

The health ministers in the Arab Gulf states:

High intensive healthcare for the infected cases

These measures proved successful, as the UAE has so far witnessed a small number of cases of HIV infection. Thanks to the successful measures, this number is unlikely to rise.

A description of the technical aspects of the measures taken by the UAE

Stating that:

  1. It provided ventilation rooms for people living with HIV inside hospitals with ventilation to ensure that the air enters and does not leave the rooms.
  2. A strategy that has effectively contributed to reducing the spread of the virus “Covid 2019” to a minimum.
  3. The UAE is one of the very few countries in the world to have adopted this successful strategy.

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Geplaatst door UAE Voice op Woensdag 26 februari 2020

The report pointed to more proactive measures taken by the UAE to prevent the spread of the virus. As well as, Stressing that these entities are not only limited to the government sector. But that there are private entities and companies that have also contributed to efforts to contain the virus “Covid 2019”.

In conclusion, It indicated that the UAE succeeded in maintaining the strength of its economy. Especially in the tourism sector, from the negative effects of the spread of the virus, which is a lesson that other countries must learn.

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