UAE leadership for online learning in the Middle East

Since the global outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) everyday life has changed for a lot of people. The UAE has been ahead of the curve during the pandemic, the Shutting down educational establishments to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Universities, colleges, and schools have shut their campuses down in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. Students are adapting to the crisis by taking their classes online.

Schools shut down for students safety

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been ahead of the curve during the pandemic. The Shutting down educational establishments has been a key strategy in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

The UAE considers the safety of its citizens and residents before everything else. By acting quickly and shutting down spaces where large groups of people congregate many lives will be saved. Other countries that failed to react as quickly are suffering as the virus spreads rapidly and aggressively.

Online classrooms are the new normal

The world may be in quarantine and global economies may be grinding to a halt, but education must continue. Students are finding themselves taking their classes from the safety of their own homes. Online classes allow teachers and professors to interact with their students without any risk of viral infection.

Due to high levels of investment in technology infrastructure by the UAE, there has been little disruption to online services. The infrastructure is more than capable of supporting students and their educational needs.

But for some, there’s a silver lining in this change of pace. In educational institutions across the UAE, there have been certain professionals who’ve played with the concept of online classes for years. Now they finally have the chance to prove the value of these platforms and the educational benefits that they possess.

Coronavirus may slow the world down, but it will not stop us. The UAE has shown that life will continue regardless of what the virus throws at us.

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