UAE launches Weqaya national initiative for awareness

The Weqaya initiative is a national initiative to achieve awareness and reassurance under the supervision of the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management in coordination with the health and community bodies and departments of the Emirates.

Weqaya National Initiative

“The importance of launching these initiatives comes in light of the unprecedented challenges facing the country,” said Hessa Al Hammadi, director of the Community Solidarity Division of the State Security Department.

She added that every institution or individual should work together and cooperate to contribute to efforts to combat this global epidemic.

Weqaya initiative National approval

To date, many volunteers registered through the online volunteer service.

Registration opportunities are provided for all age groups to participate in voluntary initiatives, in the service of society. In order to employ their skills and specialities in the various fields available. Excluding pregnant women, the elderly and people suffering from fragile immunity or chronic diseases.

This confirms the community’s interest in volunteering to serve the country. “The turnout shows the eagerness of those who volunteer their time to serve the country.”

Electronic Volunteering Platform

The Weqaya initiative was marked by the high turnout of registrants and the speed of interaction.

The official pointed out that the electronic volunteering platform that launched at the beginning of 2019. In addition, It characterized by launching and documenting opportunities and initiatives for volunteering, attracting volunteers from different age groups and calculating volunteer hours.

The platform also gives a certificate to every volunteer and documents the work of the individual.

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