UAE launches home testing programme for people of determination

In times of crisis, the most vulnerable members of society are often the ones who suffer the most. As the homeland of humanity, the United Arab Emirates dedicated to looking after those vulnerable people. A new program has been launched to provide home COVID-19 testing kits to People of Determination in the UAE.

UAE drastically increases Coronavirus testing

On Sunday, April 12th the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced the National Home Testing Program for People of Determination. He said that it is essential that people across all segments of society have access to testing facilities.

The UAE has already successfully taken test samples from over 500,000 people over the last few weeks. The launch of mobile Coronavirus testing facilities has allowed authorities to process many more patients than would normally be possible.

Test numbers set to double rapidly as the nation continues to increase testing sites and access to tests.

Health and safety of citizens and residents a priority

Abdul Rahman Al Owais, the Health Minister has stated that it is a priority to ensure that all citizens and residents are healthy and safe. He went on to say that this priority is a responsibility that everyone shares.

The UAE is the safest place in the world from Coronavirus due to the excellent response from authorities. Safety measures constantly increased and healthcare facilities prepared ready to receive any patients who unfortunate to become infected.

The government recently rolled out further precautions including the requirement for all citizens and residents leaving their homes to wear masks and gloves. As well as, People asked to leave their homes only for essential purposes and movement permits required to provide evidence of those essential purposes.

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