UAE Largest lab built to do thousands of (coronavirus) RT-PCR tests daily

UAE Largest Coronavirus testing laboratory capable of testing tens of thousands of samples a day opens in Abu Dhabi. Coronavirus (COVID-19) currently has the world on lockdown. Quarantines are in place to prevent the spread of the virus. Testing is a key strategy in the fight against the virus. Now, a new laboratory has opened in Abu Dhabi that promises to process tens of thousands of tests.

UAE Largest Coronavirus testing laboratory outside of China

When the Chinese were hit by the Coronavirus they turned to science to fight back. Testing has proven one of the most effective weapons we have in the fight against COVID-19. Delivering enough tests to keep up with demand can be a problem though. New facilities have emerged in China solely for the purpose of testing for the virus.

The United Arab Emirates has been keenly learning from the Chinese response to the pandemic. Now the largest Coronavirus testing lab outside of China has opened its doors in Abu Dhabi. The new facility will be able to process test results in the tens of thousands per day.

UAE health authorities were proud to announce that they have already processed over 220,000 COVID-19 tests. This is the second-highest number of tests processed by any country worldwide. The UAE once again demonstrates its swift commitment to the safety of its citizens.

The new facility will aid humanitarian initiatives

The laboratory serves the initial purpose of testing results from within the UAE. However, authorities have reported that the facility could eventually be open to processing test samples from other areas.

Drive through testing clinics emerge in Abu Dhabi

In order to gather tests for processing new clinics opened in Abu Dhabi. These drive-through facilities aim to connect patients with healthcare staff with minimum contact. Patients will be required to remain inside their vehicles during the testing process. Each test centre will perform 600+ tests a day.

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