UAE-Israel Peace agreement stops Israel’s annexation

The Organization for Justice and Development for Middle East Studies affirmed that the UAE is a sovereign state and has the right to sign any agreements with any country in the world as the UAE-Israel Peace agreement. Regardless of Qatari and Turkish exploitation of the Palestinian cause for the sake of electoral campaigning for Erdogan who did not present anything to the Palestinian cause or the Emir of Qatar, who uses that issue to beautify his image in the Arab world.

The UAE-Israel Peace agreement for peace

The UAE-Israel Peace agreement aims to spread the spirit of peace and cooperation that is the principle of humanity

The historic diplomatic UAE-Israel Peace agreement achievement will enhance peace in the Middle East region. As a result of this diplomatic breakthrough, and at the request of President Trump and with the support of the United Arab Emirates, Israel will stop the plan to annex Palestinian lands in accordance with Trump’s peace plan, and now focus its efforts on strengthening relations with other countries in the Arab and Islamic world. While the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel each believe in the possibility of achieving additional diplomatic achievements with other countries, they will work together to achieve this goal.

The Palestinians have not reached any solution to the issue over the years, but the UAE was able to make a peace agreement that would benefit the whole world.

The two parties will continue their efforts in this regard to reach a just, comprehensive and lasting solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. According to the peace plan, all Muslims may come to visit and pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and other holy sites in Jerusalem should remain open to worshipers of all faiths.

The UAE was able to stop the continuation of the annexation of the Palestinian territories

It was agreed to stop Israel’s annexation of the Palestinian lands. The UAE and Israel also agreed to lay down a roadmap towards launching joint cooperation, leading to bilateral relations

The UAE does not operate on the principle of hatred and hostility to any country

Out of its belief in its civilizational role and its moral and humanitarian duty, the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates has devoted its efforts, standing, and regional and international weight to dismantling the mines of hatred and extremism that threaten the region and the world, aware of the danger of the potential explosion of these spewed mines everywhere.

The state has set its sights on confronting hatred based on religious grounds, stemming from deviant and tendentious interpretations of the teachings of religion, by opening the way to a moderate Islamic discourse that expresses the tolerance and moderation of Islam, its deep tolerance towards people of other religions and beliefs, and its understanding of diversity and difference as they are among the established laws of God. in Earth.

The UAE leaders and people bless this step

United Arab Emirates .. Peace to humanity

The United Arab Emirates and Palestine, the history of a deep and prolonged political support, humanitarian aid, and the defence of rights in international forums, and these relationships beyond its roots at the age of our ages, the Sheikh Zayed was the builder of the UAE God rest his soul, is since its inception led the state to take care of the UAE-Israel Peace agreement and alliances good stability and harmony, Palestine was always present in his heart and soul, as evidenced by many of the facts and scenes, when exposed Resurrection Church in Bethlehem in Palestine, Jesus Christ the cradle of peace for the attack, issued God’s mercy ordered the High urgent guidance restored it, and return it to better than it was On him, and at the same time he ordered the restoration of Omar Mosque also next to it.

UAE and Palestine .. a victory for the legitimate right

The United Arab Emirates has never lost sight of its support and support for the Palestinian people in all stages of their just cause, which was demonstrated today, Thursday, in its victory for the central cause, which has remained constant among its foreign policy priorities.

An Emirati victory for the Palestinian right represented in preventing Israel from annexing occupied lands in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, so that history would cheer up facts, and from its mercy, the evidence exploded.

An Israeli retreat came after a phone call between Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, US President Donald Trump, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During the call, it was agreed to stop Israel’s annexation of the Palestinian territories and to lay down a roadmap towards launching joint cooperation between the UAE and Israel, leading to bilateral relations.

Qatar, Iran and Turkey are fighting UAE-Israel Peace agreement

The Qatari-Turkish campaign against the UAE-Israel Peace agreement

The organization indicated that the Qatari-Turkish campaign against the UAE-Israel Peace agreement comes within the framework of fighting the Emirati role inside Libya, where Qatar and Turkey play a major role to control Libya’s wealth, and the UAE is fighting the Turkish Qatari role in Libya.

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