UAE-Israel strategic trade agreement develop corona research

The UAE investment company signed a strategic trade agreement regarding “COVID-19” research with an Israeli group, after the announcement of the UAE-Israel agreement.

Signing a strategic trade agreement between UAE company and an Israeli group

The UAE-Israel strategic trade agreement, signed Saturday in Abu Dhabi between the UAE “APEX” National Investment Company on Saturday, the signing of a commercial agreement with the Israeli Tera group to develop research and studies on the emerging coronavirus “COVID-19”, is seen as a first step to boost trade, economy and commercial partnerships. Effective between the two countries.

The official Emirates News Agency (WAM) said Saturday that APEX has signed a “strategic trade agreement” with the Israeli Terra Group to cooperate in research and development related to COVID-19.

APEX and Tera group strategic trade agreement develop corona research

The agency quoted the Chairman of the Board of Directors of APEX, Khalifa Youssef Khoury, as saying that the deal “is the first commercial business to open trade, economy and effective partnerships between the Emirati and Israeli business sectors to serve humanity by strengthening research and studies on the emerging coronavirus considered as a strategic trade agreement.

The UAE and Israel sign an agreement on the Coronavirus

It is worth noting that the Israeli Channel 12, today, Saturday, had revealed the first strategic trade agreement deal between an Israeli company and its Emirati counterpart, after the announcement of an agreement to direct diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE.

The channel stated that the Israeli company “Bo&Bo” is scheduled to sign a distribution agreement with an Emirati company on Sunday, pointing out that the deal came into effect after secret contacts and then the announcement of the diplomatic of relations.

The Israeli company Bo&Bo specializes in the production of fitness equipment for gyms and hospitals and will sign an agreement with an Emirati company to distribute its products all over the country, as the company expects sales estimated at about one million dollars during the first year.

Channel 12 explained that the initial negotiations between the two companies took place during the past weeks through a third party, and after announcing the direct diplomatic relations between the two countries, the way was paved for signing the deal, pointing out that the third party is the businessman and investor in the hi-tech field, Tamir falsified.

The Israeli company is located in Rosh Ha’ayin and was established in 2015, and it distributes its products around the world through 25 distributors.

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