UAE is a pivotal partner in supporting women of the world

The United Arab Emirates is a pivotal partner in supporting women of the world, and affirmation that places women at the core of the constructive idea and in the centre of circulation between a thread Growth, needle awareness.

Supporting women of the world is aduty of awareness

It is this revelation that is always affirmed, and its roots are established by Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, President of the General Women’s Union, Chair of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation (Mother of the Emirates),

UAE is supporting women

Voltaire says, “Women were created to feel the meaning of life. She is the ideal of perfection.” He also says, “Women are braver than we imagine.” From the beginning and history, the woman’s rib was clutched brutally and fiercely, and then it was bent and twisted until it became in the eyes of the fanatics an atrophic part of the broad muscle.

Today, the UAE has assumed a vast role in the bright lights and has taken the issue of supporting women as the core of its concern, and the focus of its leadership for enlightenment in the world. The statements of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima are nothing but the echo, voice and reputation of the UAE’s position on the importance of the role of supporting women in making the social fabric and the formulation of lofty human ideals.

Women important role in society

The woman in life is the whole of life because she is the giver of life to a generation that spells the alphabet of life through a transparent smile, followed by a gentle hand, followed by a tender idea, then a will that pushes forward, then a determination to survive, without groans, groans or groans. The woman that Her Highness Sheikha Fatima talks about, the woman who is a partner in all paths of life, its gardens, its paths, its turns, its goodness and its delights, is in every grain of the soil of the homelands the grain of sand that adds to the terrain its extension, and it is in every tree of the homelands, the fruit Hugging branches to give the eyes sparkle of hope.

Women look everywhere like the sun, and at all times they look like the poem of Asma Faiha, which is how God Almighty created it because it colours the life of the homelands with the colour of confidence, safety, security, and luxury life.

UAE supporting Women empowerment

In the absence of supporting women, the rivers dry up, the trees dry up, the deserts shiver, the mountains grow, and the terrain tends to a woman who will be the support and the shield, the cradle, the happiness, the promise, and the grace, and she is above all that arm and the bale, and the fingers that sew the future of the homeland, with the needle of empowerment, a thread extends from the pupil of the eyes to the top of the forehead.

May God preserve for us our mothers, sisters and daughters, and our wives, and make them the apple of an eye, the whiteness of the forehead, the good behaviour, the genius of the idea, and the level of confidence that wise leadership gave them to them.

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