UAE is Number One mark in the Guinness World Record 2020

In the year 2020, the UAE strengthened the balance of its achievements recorded in the Guinness World Record 2020, which reached about 434 world records until the beginning of this December, making it at the forefront of countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The “Number One” mark is registered in the name of the Emirates in the Guinness World Record 2020

And the size of the Emirati achievements that booked its position in the “Guinness Book” this year proved that “the number one” has become a registered mark in the name of the Emirates, which has succeeded, despite the challenges arising from the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus, in following the path of distinction and creativity in all fields.

Guinness World Record 2020

In the next report, the Emirates News Agency “WAM” reviews some of the most prominent records that the UAE has recorded in the “Guinness World Record 2020.

The “Palm Fountain” in Dubai has won the world record as “the largest fountain in the world”. The fountain, which was inaugurated last October, occupies an area spread over more than 14,000 square feet that are submerged by seawater and radiate during the night with the lights of 3,000 “LED” lights that pulsate with life. It is distinguished by its giant pump, which spouts water to a height of 105 meters.

The Emirati vessel “Obeid” broke the world record for the largest Arab wooden ship in the world, with a length of 91.47 meters and a width of 20.41, while the height of the ship reached 11.22 meters while it weighed about 2500 tons, and it is able to ship a load of up to 6 thousand tons.

Masdar City in Abu Dhabi recorded a new Guinness World Record 2020 by forming the largest mosaic panel in the world from recyclable materials, and the size of the board reached 1015 square meters, equivalent to the size of two basketball courts, and it took a month to form and was used in it 90,500 recyclables.

The Dubai Future Foundation has achieved a new achievement for the UAE by officially adopting the Office of the Future in the “Guinness World Record 2020”, as the first commercial building to be built using 3D printing technology in the world. The building is distinguished by its unique design and its wide area of ​​250 square meters, and it was printed using a triple printer. The dimensions are 20 feet high and 120 feet long, using a robotic arm to carry out the printing process. It took 17 days to print and was installed in two days, while the work related to building services, interior designs and site coordination took about three months.

“CLIME Abu Dhabi” – the entertainment and sports facility on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi – has set two new world records, the first for the largest free jumping wind tunnel in the world with a circular diameter of 10 meters “32 feet” and a height of 54.6 meters “179.2 feet”, and the second number for the highest indoor climbing wall in The world is 42.16 meters (138 feet) high.

Emirati Dr. Khawla Al-Rumaithi recorded the fastest time to travel to the seven continents of the world within three days, 14 hours and 46 minutes, despite the exceptional travel conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic this year.

Sheikh Zayed Festival largest fireworks

In the field of fireworks displays, the UAE won the lion’s share of world records recorded during the New Year celebrations 2020, as the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah achieved a historic achievement by registering two new records for the two classes of the largest number of drones used to launch fireworks simultaneously using 173 A plane, and the longest waterfall of fireworks with a length of 3,788.86 meters, while the “Sheikh Zayed Festival” in Abu Dhabi welcomed the year 2020 with the largest fireworks that lasted 30 continuous minutes, breaking the previously recorded world record in this regard.

In the field of sports, Emirati world champion Amir bin Saeed Omair Yousef Al Muhairi snatched the title of the longest slope jump on a skateboard by 21 meters “68.89 feet”, breaking the previous Guinness World Record that recorded in 2004 of 15 meters, in addition to breaking another record related to the most number of jumps Aerial on a waterslide in 30 seconds, achieving 10 in total, double the previous record set by Frenchman Macquarie in 2005.

In turn, the UAE national football team player, Areej Al Hammadi, entered the Guinness World Record 2020, after her success in taming the ball 86 times within one minute, breaking the world record recorded in the United Kingdom by 56 footballers in March of 2019, with a big difference of 30 dressage.

Global Village wins in the Guinness World Record 2020

In early December, the celebrations of the 49th National Day of the United Arab Emirates constituted an occasion to break records in many areas. Global Village in Dubai recorded 3 Guinness figures in the collection of more than 1000 flags from the UAE flags to achieve the record for the largest combined number using flags. In the world, which formed the number (49), and also achieved the record for the largest mosaic panel using entry cards (to form a flag), where 9200 colored cards were used in the colours of the flag to form the flag of the Emirates striking artwork, and the Global Village also broke the record for the largest combined sentence using covers Plastic sheets, as more than 14,000 plastic sheets were used to form the phrase “live my country” from the national anthem of the UAE.

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