UAE is among the top 4 countries that represent women globally

The Inter-Parliamentary Union praised the progress made by the UAE in the areas of women’s empowerment in parliamentary work. Stressing that the UAE is among the four countries in the world most representative of women in Parliament. After the percentage of women membership in the Federal National Council in the formation of its 17th chapter. Which started on November 14, 2019, 50% thanks to the great support it receives from His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State.

UAE is among the top 4 countries that represent women globally

Inter-Parliamentary Union praised the UAE

According to a report published by the Inter-Parliamentary Union

It is the oldest parliamentary institution in the world and founded in 1889. Includes in its membership nearly “170” parliaments, four countries worldwide have a representation of 50% or more in women.


  1. The United Arab Emirates
  2. Rwanda
  3. Cuba
  4. Bolivia

Noting that, after a quarter of a century after the Fourth United Nations Conference on Women in the Chinese capital, Beijing, the total percentage of women in parliaments reached nearly 24.9% in 2020, compared to 11.3% In 1995.

UAE women’s empowerment

In his report, the Inter-Parliamentary Union appreciated the percentage of women participating in the Federal National Council elections that took place in October 2019. Adding that the largest increases in the number of women parliamentarians were in the parliamentary elections that took place last year. As the UAE came to the forefront of these countries and followed by Dominican And Uzbekistan. While some countries retreated with a decrease in the number of women parliamentarians, especially in Spain, Madagascar, and Tunisia.

UAE Women percentage of in national parliaments

The report stated that the past 25 years witnessed a significant increase in the proportion of women in parliaments worldwide. As well as, The percentage of women in national parliaments reaching about 25% globally. While the UAE has achieved 50%, Rwanda 57%, and Andorra 42.8%, Between 1995 and 2020.

The UAE progress impressed the Inter-Parliamentary Union

According to the report, 25 years ago, eight of the first 10 parliaments with a higher representation of women were European and most of them were in the Nordic countries. Today the arrangement changed significantly with the representation of more regions worldwide. Adding that out of 20 countries have the largest share of women In Parliament. 16 countries implement a form of quota, noting that 81 countries are holding elections. In addition, it includes legislative quotas for women. Adding that the Americas and Europe are leaders in introducing quotas for women, and they are developing in ambition and are no longer designed as a way to reach the minimum number of female candidates or members. Parliament, but K. Strategy to reach eventually to gender equality.

The percentage of women membership in the Federal National Council

The growing role of the Federal National Council in the work and projects of the Inter-Parliamentary Union is greatly appreciated by representatives of the Member States of the Union. The accumulated experience of the Council and its General Secretariat embodied in the representation of the Council for the Arab Group in the Union. The receipt of the first presidency of the Parliamentary Youth Forum. So, It is one of the proposals of the Parliamentary Division Emirati. In addition to submitting many proposals, development projects and emergency items that have been accepted. As they are concerned with issues related to various peoples and parliaments of the world.

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