UAE is a unique model in fighting against the Coronavirus

The UAE is leading the front line in the global response to Coronavirus. While many nations are feeling the strain of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the UAE is ready to react. Over 10 years of investment in medical resources have left us well prepared to deal with the viral outbreak.

Other countries are scrambling to get the virus under control. The UAE shows its unique model for combatting Coronavirus has everything in check.

UAE healthcare is ready for Coronavirus

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid told medical staff that he was proud of them on Monday. In a phone call to Rashid Hospital, he praised the frontline efforts of UAE healthcare professionals.

Dr. Sara Kazim has issued a report to Sheikh Mohammed which details the UAE’s full readiness to deal with any and all emergencies.

Dr. Kazim stated that emergency medical teams fully equipped with the necessary supplies to deal with the virus.

Quarantines are in place

The country is currently under a 14-day quarantine. Violation of the quarantine is a health and safety risk, which places others in danger.

If you get diagnosed with Coronavirus and break the quarantine rules you could face up to five years of prison time.

Public spaces get closed down

The UAE government took the decision to close all public spaces and facilities in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Businesses and restaurants have also shut their doors for the time being.

Extensive disinfection procedures will undertake by the city of Dubai. An 11-day plan to disinfect all the roads and streets will help clear any remnants of the virus.

New facilities built to deal with the quarantine.

The Emirates Humanitarian City added a preventative health center in order to provide services to those quarantined due to COVID-19. The city will serve as a safe quarantine zone.

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