UAE Innovation Month activities start in Dubai

The activities of the UAE Innovation Month activities start in the Emirate of Dubai. Which organized by the General Secretariat and the Executive Council, from February 22 to 28. In the Emirates Towers area, under the slogan “innovate in preparation for its fifty” with the participation of a number of government agencies.

UAE Innovation Month activities start in Dubai

“Innovate In Preparation For Its Fifty”

  1. The government events platform in Dubai reviews the most important and latest innovations and best governance practices.
  2. The projects will be launched and the implementation of the “Dubai 10X” initiative.
  3. Where the “Dubai 10X” team at Dubai Future Foundation will organize a special event to review the first stage projects.
  4. In addition to the innovation dialogues platform.

Representatives of the Participants

– 19 sessions in the field of innovation organized in which speakers from

  • The government
  • Private sectors
  • Entrepreneurs

– In addition to a number of knowledge sessions organized with the participation of a number of federal entities.

The Innovation Week in Dubai witnesses an innovative activities package in terms of
  1. Content
  2. Experiences
  3. Ideas

The initiative’s main goal

  1. Enhancing the innovation culture in society.
  2. Preparing a generation of innovators who are able to make a positive change in human life and the future.
  3. Within the framework of Dubai’s keenness to play a leading role in the march of development.
  4. As well as, Finding the elements capable of accelerating its pace.
  5. Supporting the Emirates vision in converting innovation into a societal culture.
  6. Eventually, Adapting it to serve and develop all vital sectors.

The initiative target segment

  • Firstly, The events target all segments of society to inform them of the most important efforts made in this field.
  • Secondly, Through which Dubai aspires to achieve its goals of leadership and the forefront of global competitiveness indicators.
  • Finally, Enhance the sustainability of its economy according to innovative foundations.
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