UAE Humanitarian … All of the recent aid delivered

This week saw the delivery of critical medical supplies to several countries, from the UAE. Somalia, Ethiopia, Cyprus, Ukraine and others have received supplies that will allow their healthcare workers to safely continue the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19).

UAE Humanitarian aid throughout the pandemic

Ever since the Coronavirus first began to spread across the globe, the UAE has been delivering crucial medical supplies to friendly nations.

Many countries have found themselves short of essential medical supplies. As well as, Leaving healthcare workers unable to safely care for patients infected with the Coronavirus.

Due to the generosity of the UAE, many of these workers now have the necessary resources to continue the fight against COVID-19. The UAE is committed to humanitarian efforts and will continue to deliver critical supplies for as long as necessary.

Medical supply flights bring crucial aid to stricken countries


A plane containing eight tonnes of medical supplies arrived in Cyprus on April the 14th. Equipment for over 10,000 healthcare workers was contained within the aid shipment.


Around 33 tonnes of medical supplies were delivered to Ethiopia on April 13th. This equipment will provide assistance to more than 33,000 Ethiopian medical professionals.


11 tonnes of critical medical equipment and medicine shipped to Pakistan on April 5th, this being the second such delivery. More than 11,000 Pakistani healthcare professionals will benefit from this flight.


A plane containing 10 tonnes of crucial medical supplies arrived in Italy on April 6th. As well as, the contents of this flight will bring essential supplies to over 10,000 healthcare workers.


An aid flight brought 7 tonnes of medical supplies from the UAE and a further 20 tonnes from the World Health Organisation to Somalia on April the 13th. More than 27,000 healthcare workers expected to receive equipment from this delivery.


10 tonnes of medical equipment and medicine landed in Ukraine on April the 11th. Providing the necessary equipment to fight Coronavirus to over 10,000 healthcare professionals.

Aid flights will continue

Many more countries have been the recipients of the generosity of the UAE. In addition, Authorities are working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to supply many more aid flights over the coming weeks. Aid flights will continue to deliver crucial supplies to fight against Coronavirus for as long the pandemic lasts.

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