UAE hosts the fifth largest number of international migrants

The International Migrant Stock 2019, a dataset released by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs or DESA, said the UAE hosts the fifth largest number of international migrants at nine million, with the global list being topped by United States at 51 million, Germany and Saudi Arabia (13 million), Russia (12 million) and United Kingdom (10 million). While France, Canada and Australia host around eight million international migrants, Italy is home to 6 million.

The UAE also has the distinction of hosting the largest number of Indian migrants at 3.31 million, up from 978,992 in 2000, according to the UN’s International Migration Report.

Secretary-General for DESA Liu Zhenmin said there is also a historical and cultural connect in the case of some countries. “The UAE is a prime example of that. Thanks to the support of the leadership and the security and stability provided by the UAE, so many Indians are happily working here as professionals or are doing business. We have a vibrant and diverse community with people from every state of India.”

Agencies quoted UN Under-Secretary-General for DESA Liu Zhenmin as saying, “These data are critical for understanding the important role of migrants and migration in the development of both countries of origin and destination.”

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