SEHA continues efforts to promote health awareness

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) is committed to providing healthcare services specifically designed to meet the health awareness needs of citizens and residents in the United Arab Emirates and to contribute to serving the UAE community in various fields.

UAE promote health awareness

SEHA recently participated in the second phase of the campaign Towards a health awareness and Safety Society, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Center for Public Health, the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, and a number of governmental and federal bodies, to embody the principle of partnership and social responsibility enjoyed by various state institutions.

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company increase health awareness

Dr. Aisha Al-Mahri, Director of the Nursing Department at the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) confirmed:

The company was keen to cooperate with the Health Department in Abu Dhabi and other local authorities to provide effective health care to tackle the pandemic of the emerging COVID-19, where the nursing cadres in SEHA and its affiliates play an important role in the “Towards a health awareness and Safety Society” campaign, through their participation in the second phase of educating senior citizens, residents, and their families and those caring for them through providing campaign advice and resources.

“Towards a health awareness and Safety Society” campaign

She said: “Towards a health awareness and Safety Society” campaign was circulated to all health care facilities of SEHA through members of the health awareness education committees and the nursing staff, and assigned them to support the campaign through all channels of communication with the target group.”

For its part, Samah Mohamed Mahmoud, deputy director of the Nursing Department at SEHA, said: “Educating the patient and his family is one of the rights of patients, and one of its main goals is to improve and enhance health awareness, and enable patients to participate in their care and make the right choices to care for their health.”

The health education program

She added: «The health education program for patients and their families in« Health »aims to support patients and visitors, to adopt healthy health patterns and behaviors, which contributes to limiting the spread of diseases through its diagnosis and early treatment, and thus the preservation of public health.

In turn, Suhaila Ali Hassan, the first health education officer in the nursing department at the health company, said: “The educational messages were circulated for a campaign to educate senior citizens and residents, stressing the importance of physical distance, avoiding crowded visits, and reminding of the need to implement preventive measures such as wearing a muzzle and gloves and disinfecting the shopping cart before touching it. While avoiding touching the eyes, mouth, nose, and face, then cleansing or washing the hands.

She added: “The target group, which is considered more likely to be infected with COVID-19, was provided with information about the services available in SEHA such as“ telemedicine, getting doctor’s advice, refilling medications and home nursing care, in order to ensure the safety of this category. ”

She noted that the nursing staff at SEHA has sensitized the target group and those who care for them, by providing guidance and advice to them about preventive measures in all health care facilities and during field and home visits, as the number of educational sessions for patients and visitors provided by the nursing staff arrived during the two weeks The last two to 886 educational sessions.

She pointed out that about 381 suppliers of multiple health education resources were distributed and displayed, such as hanging posters, broadcasting health education films in addition to educational advice on TV screens, sending resources on the internal portal and the smartphone application of SEHA.

Source: khaleejtimes
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