UAE has developed a promising breakthrough for #Covid_19

The #Stem_Cells hashtag topped the list of the most frequently discussed topics on “Twitter” in the United Arab Emirates, hours after the announcement of the achievement of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center and its success in developing a stem cell therapy for the emerging coronavirus Covid_19.

The Ministry of Economy has approved a patent for “innovative and promising treatment” of coronavirus using stem cells. According to the ministry, this treatment was developed by a team of doctors and researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, which includes extracting stem cells from the patient’s blood and re-entering them after their activation, and the patent was granted for “the innovative way in which stem cells are collected.”

The agency explained that the treatment was tried on 73 cases recovered from the disease, and the result of the examination appeared negative after “the introduction of treatment into the lungs by inhalation by a fine mist”, and its therapeutic effect is supposed to work by regenerating the lung cells and modifying their immune response to prevent them from overreacting Act on a virus infection (Covid 19), causing more healthy cells to be damaged.

According to Luam, the treatment underwent and successfully passed the first stage of clinical trials, which indicates its safety, and “None of the patients who received treatment reported any immediate side effects and no interactions were found with conventional treatment protocols for patients with CoronaVirus“, Trials continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment and are expected to be completed within two weeks.

The ministry indicated that the treatment was provided to patients in conjunction with the traditional medical intervention and will continue to be applied as an aid to the treatment protocols in effect and not as a substitute for them.

On the other side, the UAE authorities impose restrictions on freedom of movement, within the framework of measures to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus, while the number of cases of Coronavirus in the country, as of Thursday evening, 12 thousand and 481 cases, while the number of people recovering from the disease reached 2429 people.

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