UAE has been restoring the educational system in Yemen

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, is continuing to support Yemen’s education sector.

Since 2015, the UAE has been restoring the educational system in Yemen’s liberated governorates, especially in the temporary capital, Aden.

In September, 2015, the UAE pledged that it will rehabilitate and maintain 54 schools, as part of the first phase of its related efforts while the second phase will involve 149 academic buildings in Aden.

The ERC has rehabilitated 149 academic buildings, which include schools, academic offices, kindergartens, student hostels and institutes, and has completed the construction of five schools, including the Omar Mukhtar School.

The UAE’s support for Yemen’s education sector in 2015 also included the distribution of 10,000 school bags. The number of bags distributed to schools in Aden over the last five years totalled 30,000.

The UAE also furnished academic facilities, donated 9,500 desks to 139 schools, as well as 1,200 boards, 323 water coolers and 190 air conditioners. It also provided 12 buses to the Education Office.

During the Year of Zayed in 2018, the UAE supplied school uniforms to 20,000 students in Aden.

The ERC donated 1,704 computers to schools and academic offices in Aden. The Education Office received equipment and printers to support university education in 2019, which included 673 chairs and tables and 320 electrical distributors.

In 2018, the ERC responded to the appeals of several faculties of Aden University and schools in the city. A total of 16 computers, four laptops, four scanners and four printers were provided to the Law Faculty.

The College of Nursing in Aden received medical and educational supplies in 2019 while in 2017, the Faculty of Science received 200 chairs, two projectors, two laptops and four air conditioners.

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