Andreas Mountzouroulias to UAE Voice: Greece & UAE Sign Defense Pact To Counter Turkish Aggression

Within the framework of the visit of Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis to the UAE on a two-day working visit in mid-November, where the Emirati and Greek sides discussed friendship and mutual cooperation relations and ways to enhance them and develop aspects of joint cooperation between the two friendly countries in many fields, including the health sector in addition to science and technology, food and water security, renewable energy and oil.

UAE Voice was keen to communicate with Greek VIPs, analysts, and journalists to identify their points of view on that visit, among them: “Mr. Andreas Mountzouroulias” who is a journalist and the editor-in-chief in the Greek site In addition, he is a defense and geopolitics analyst.  

A fruitful partnership

“Mr. Andreas Mountzouroulias” said, “In a bid to stand up to their common foe, Greece and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have linked foreign policy and defense agreement against Turkey.”

On a visit to Abu Dhabi, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. They signed a “strategic partnership” and an “agreement on joint foreign policy and defense cooperation,” the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a tweet. “Relations are further deeper, reaching a strategic level, aiming at regional peace and stability,” it added.  

In a joint statement Mitsotakis and Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan condemned Turkey’s violations of Greece’s sovereignty and upheld the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus. They also decried Turkey’s overall aggressive behavior in the Middle East. Also the Southeastern Mediterranean and South Caucasus, as a flagrant violation of international law. 

In this context, both governments called on Turkey to abide by international law and to immediately stop all illegal and provocative actions, the two leaders stated.

The importance of such alliance

“Greece and the UAE underline their steadfast commitment to international law and the UN Charter as the foundation for peace, security, good neighborhood relations and the peaceful resolution of problems for all the countries of the region,” they added.

Both governments reaffirmed their commitment to the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries of the region. Additionally, Greece and UAE agree on the added value of the further enhancement of their cooperation. This is within the framework of regional and multilateral mechanisms. 

Mr. “Andreas Mountzouroulias” also added that Greece is an important European ally for the UAE. Lately, their interests have converged on the issue of Turkey’s foreign policy in the region. In Libya, the UAE also backs the Libyan National Army against Turkey’s ally, the Government of National Accord. In the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey is currently conducting energy drilling in what Greece and Cyprus say are their territorial waters.

Greek-Emirati friendship is not new. In May, Greece, the UAE, Cyprus, Egypt and France issued a joint statement condemning Turkey’s energy exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey responded by calling the countries an “alliance of evil.”  

Greece and the UAE sign mutual defense clause 

According to well-informed sources, the two sides are committed to contributing to the defense and maintaining the security & sovereignty. Also unity, protection and territorial independence of Greece and the UAE, as far as possible and where practically possible.   

Citing “well informed” source, Greek news website, Pentapostagma said that the “the two sides (UAE and Greece) are committed. They will contribute to the defense and maintenance of the security and sovereignty. Alongside unity, protection and territorial independence of Greece and the UAE. This goes as far as possible and where practically possible.”

It is emphasized that since the end of World War II, Greece has not entered into bilateral agreements of a similar nature. 

The implementation of the agreement will be under monitoring by joint committees. With the aim of exchanging classified information and stationing military forces of one country in the territory of another.

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