UAE injuries are rising & government tightens preventive measures

The UAE is witnessing a “worrying increase” in the number of daily new infections with the new coronavirus, which could push the UAE government tightens preventive measures, after it declined significantly over the past months.

UAE COVID-19 injuries are rising

This week, the UAE witnessed a daily increase in cases of more than 400 cases for the first time since mid-July, which was attributed by health authorities to gatherings and visits without adhering to government tightens preventive measures such as physical spacing and wearing masks.

UAE government tightens preventive measures

An Emirati government official said that his country may re-apply an effective night-time curfew in some areas if there is a significant increase in COVID-19 cases.

The re-operating the national sterilization program

The UAE recorded 461 injuries and two deaths within the 24 hours until Thursday, but the government did not disclose the UAE or the areas where the injuries or deaths occurred.

The UAE is one of the first countries to take any necessary measures, by putting together a list of actions and errors that violate the health and safety measures applied to control the spread of the Coronavirus.

The daily infection rate decreased after it reached a peak of more than 900 cases in late May, but the country is witnessing a rise in injuries from time to time, although the general trend is down so the UAE government tightens preventive measures will be applied.

UAE continuous laboratory examination

The government tightens preventive measures continues to implement the strategy it adopted to confront Corona, as the UAE Minister of Health, Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, announced that more than six million laboratory tests have been conducted for the Coronavirus.

He pointed out that the noticeable increase in the daily infection rates in Corona may be an indication of an alarming increase in the number of cases during the coming period.

Dr. Omar Al Hammadi, confirmed that the reason for the increase in corona cases is gatherings and visits without adhering to the basic precautionary and preventive measures, such as physical spacing and wearing masks.

Al-Hammadi warned against some products whose ability to combat the Coronavirus is being promoted without scientific basis and gave an example of a product promoted as releasing chlorine dioxide.

Government tightens preventive measures … Tightening travel procedures

The government tightens preventive measures for entering its territory, as it announced that all those coming to it are obligated to undergo a Coronavirus examination, provided that this examination takes place before coming to the country.

All citizens, residents and tourists coming through the Emirates’ airports, as well as transit travellers, must undergo a COVID-19 (BCR) examination, regardless of the country from which they come.

The decision of pre-examination will be implemented before coming to the UAE from the first of next August as a maximum, without prejudice to the previously.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation emphasized that all departing through the country’s airports for European Union countries, Britain and countries requiring a COVID-19 examination (BCR), must perform a pre-examination before boarding the plane.

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