A New UAE body to support the Frontline Heroes office

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, today, Wednesday, issued a federal decree regarding the establishment of the Frontline Heroes office headed by His Highness the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, to assess the efforts of the front-line participants during times of emergency and crisis.

Frontline Heroes office

New Emirati body to support and honour crisis fighters

According to the Emirati News Agency “WAM“, the decree stipulated that the Frontline Heroes office should have legal personality and financial and administrative independence and that its headquarters would be located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and its president would have the right to establish branches within any emirate.

Frontline Heroes office Aims

The Frontline Heroes office also aims to mobilize societal support to show due appreciation to frontline workers, to be proud and proud of, and to follow and support their needs.

The decree specified the functions and powers of the Frontline Heroes office, including determining what is meant by the participants on the front lines, stating their categories, criteria and methods of their selection, and preparing and implementing strategies, programs, plans and initiatives aimed at supporting participants on the front lines, in coordination with the concerned authorities.

In addition to that, the relevant authorities are tasked with implementing the directives of the head of the Frontline Heroes office regarding participants on the front lines, following up on the performance of those United Arab Emirates agencies and building a database and electronic linking with any federal, local or private government agency.

Frontline Heroes office Tasks

The Frontline Heroes office is also concerned with launching events, granting rewards, gifts, certificates of appreciation and honorary medals, and nominating any of the front-line participants for medals and medals in accordance with the legislation in force in the United Arab Emirates.

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