UAE & France strengthening relations and peace establishment

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and French President Emmanuel Macron discussed by phone, ways to strengthen and develop bilateral relations between UAE & France, and efforts to bring peace to the region.

Mohamed Bin Zayed and the French President discuss by phone the strengthening of relations and the establishment of peace

Bin Zayed said, via Twitter, “I discussed during a phone call from Emmanuel Macron, President of friendly France, the strategic relations between the two countries and ways to enhance and develop them, in addition to developments and issues of common interest, and the two countries’ UAE & France efforts to support peace and stability in the region.”

Last Tuesday, the UAE signed an agreement at the White House in Washington to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed said, “Peace needs courage, creating the future needs knowledge, and the advancement of nations requires sincerity and perseverance.”

The UAE & France 10-year road map that strengthens the partnership

UAE & France relations have witnessed great momentum since the first days of the announcement of the establishment of the UAE in 1971.

These relations culminated in the signing of several cooperation and partnership agreements so that France became the UAE’s first strategic partner in Europe.

Political relations between UAE & France

The UAE & France political relations are at a high level of coordination and cooperation embodied in the permanent contacts between the leadership of the two countries, and in mutual visits.

And it was the first visit of the current French President Emmanuel Macron to the Middle East after his election to the United Arab Emirates.

Coordination is taking place between the UAE & France in many regional and international files and issues, in the field of combating terrorism, and strengthening security and peace in the region, as the French Republic is the UAE’s first strategic partner in Europe.

Economic relations between UAE & France

Economically, the UAE is at the top of the list of France’s most important economic partners in the Middle East, as trade exchange between the two countries in 2018 reached more than 4.5 billion euros.

Mubadala participated in the amount of one billion euros, equivalent to 10% of the capital, in the “Lac d’argent” investment fund, meaning the silver lake, which was launched by the French Investment Bank at the beginning of the year 2020, and whose capital is supposed to reach 10 billion euros through the contribution of major companies French in it.

Source: WAM
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