UAE formed Five ministries part of food security council

Emirates created Food Security Council to organise and lead the operation of the National Food Security Strategy in combination with federal and local entities.

To follow up with global markets and this approach comes as part of Cabinet decision to creates the council, whose members will include representatives from various ministers and each local government with all emirates cities, also participation of youth delegation.

Mariam Bint Mohammad Al Muhairi, Minister of State for Food Security and the council’s chair supervises over the decision-making of the council.

What the new council do:

  • Easing global food trade and diversifying import sources
  • Increasing sustainable local production
  • Eradicating food waste
  • Warranting food safety and improving nutrition systems
  • Improving resilience to food security risks and crises
  • Evaluating all legislation on food before it is adopted at the federal level
  • Suggesting regulations, legislation, and policies to enhance food security in the country
  • Presenting periodic reports to the Ministerial Development Council
  • Subsequent with the Global Food Security Index to achieve the UAE’s objectives
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