UAE robotic company launched a Fleet of Robots

A local robotic company in the United Arab Emirates has launched a fleet of robots capable of disinfecting, detecting, and delivering food and medicine during the epidemic to support frontline health workers.

Aswin Sarang, Head of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence with the Fleet of Robots, COVID-19 Response in Trusted Robots, said, “We have launched four different robots with unique capabilities aimed at increasing audience protection as well as healthcare professionals and reducing their direct contact with COVID-19 patients.”

Automatic Fleet of Robots unique capabilities

One robot detects a fever and distributes hand sanitizer. 

Equipped with highly sensitive thermal and optical sensors for detecting an AI-based multi-person fever with a disinfectant hand sanitizer removed with COVID-19 awareness and question-and-answer speech units, this special robot can be deployed in places such as shopping malls, airports, and hospitals.

There is also a food and drug delivery robot. 

Introduced as a contactless delivery robot, it provides essential ingredients like medicines and food to quarantine patients and can be used in hospitals and quarantine centres for medical support personnel.

A third robot offers COVID-19 outreach and telemedicine. 

Programmed with speech-based questions and answers related to coronavirus symptoms and prevention, it can also be used to provide telemedicine solutions, making it possible for medical professionals to communicate with patients remotely, saving time and enabling infectious patients to remain confined.

Finally, there is a disinfection robot equipped with a dry fog space sterilization system with a strong sterilization ability that can be used in public places such as offices.

UAE develops new technology to discover corona once it enters the blood
fleet of robots
UAE develops new technology to discover corona once it enters the blood

Since the newly created coronavirus has invaded the planet, the countries of the world have been accelerating to protect their people and take the necessary measures to limit its spread after it threatens human life day after day.

Countries around the world are accelerating the use of their capabilities between financial and technology in the detection of a tool that helps detect people with coronary disease early.

In the UAE, the government relied on the use of the latest technologies and artificial intelligence to combat the dreaded epidemic of the new Corona “Covid-19”.

After the UAE announced the discovery of the “smart helmet”, which works with artificial intelligence to detect the unknown Coronavirus, and provided a service to detect the virus from the car for testing in minutes.

The UAE recently came to announce a new high-speed technology that helps detect the Coronavirus as soon as it enters blood cells that rely on “laser”.

In the following report, “Akhbar Al-Youm” gateway monitors everything you want to know about the new technology that the UAE announced its discovery to detect the new virus coronavirus by entering the blood cells

Unprecedented discovery

The International Holding Company (IHC), listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Market, represented by the “Quaint Lays Laboratory”, has announced the development of a new tool that enables the conduct of high-speed, mass checks in seconds to detect the emerging coronavirus.

The new technology enhances the ability to identify disease carriers before it becomes contagious and poses a risk, and the new technology enables specialists to conduct examinations on a large scale, which enhances the ability to track disease cases early.

The laser makes a quantum leap

fleet of robots
UAE develops new technology to discover corona once it enters the blood

The instrument which uses an electron microscope, allows tests to be performed on a mass scale, and allows results to be issued within seconds,” said Dr. Kumar, leader of the research team at the Quant Lys laboratory, which has been studying and analyzing for months the changes in the structure of blood cells infected with the virus.

The DPI technology, which is based on “laser” and is based on the inclusion of the optical phase, allows to identify the virus within seconds, in addition to being easy to use, non-surgical and low-cost, and the device is suitable for use in hospitals and public places such as cinemas and shopping malls, and with a little bit of hands-on training, we believe it will be a major paradigm shift in tackling the emerging coronavirus.

On the diagnosis system, Dr. Kumar, the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) model in image analysis expects the results of each image quickly and according to very accurate measurement, this is especially critical in large-scale testing programs.

Source: gulfnews

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