Will it be the first hotel on Mars from the UAE’s hands?

The launching of the Historic UAE Hope Probe Mars Mission takes off, the United Arab Emirates became already for implementing the first step in its ambitious project to build a settlement on the Red Planet within a century, the first hotel on Mars from the United Arab Emirate’s hands.

After launching the Probe of Hope, a hotel on Mars will be awarded to the Emirates

The United Arab Emirate’s ambition to contribute to the efforts aimed at establishing projects that secure the lives of people on Mars, pointing out that sending the United Arab Emirates at the dawn of the probe of hope there, aimed at discovering the new about it and its atmosphere.

The first hotel on Mars from the UAE’s hands

Will the United Arab Emirates be able to Become the First to Establish a Hotel on Mars?

Will the United Arab Emirates be able to Become the first to settle on the planet Mars by establishing a tourist base on its surface?

So, Will this base be similar to Dubai … the Emirati city that grew up in the heart of the desert and has become a prominent international tourist destination?

The report considered that if the United Arab Emirates wants to achieve these aspirations, it will have to win the Martian race and resolve its results in their favour, because both the United States of America, China and Japan intend to send missions to discover the Red Planet this year, in order to determine the extent of human settlement to this planet.

The report concluded with a similar question, saying: Will the United Arab Emirates actually succeed in settling the Martian race in its favour?

China launches a first independent mission to Mars

China Thursday morning launched the “Tianwen-1″ mission, its first independent mission to explore Mars.

The missile was installed on the launch pad, while the engineers performed the last checks before taking off from the tropical island of Hainan in the south of the country known for its luxurious beaches and five-star hotels.

The “Tianwen-1” mission (Questions to Heaven-1) carries a three-part vehicle: a probing probe that will orbit the Red Planet, a landing craft and a robot that is tasked with analyzing the soil of Mars.

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