UAE succeeds in expanding the horizons of peace in region

The UAE has become an example to be followed among the countries of the world in making peace. With its wisdom and transparent approach, it has succeeded in expanding the horizons of peace in region, through the agreement of the Kingdom of Bahrain and Israel to establish diplomatic relations.

Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa praised him, US President Donald Trump, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during their joint contact, on the leadership role of the UAE, and the great leader Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed in consolidating Peace.

Expanding the horizons of peace in region Starts its success

Bahrain and Israel peace agreement signing

US President Donald Trump announced that Bahrain and Israel have agreed to sign a peace agreement.

Trump, Bahrain’s King Hamad bin Isa and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to conclude a peace treaty between Bahrain and Israel.

Trump considered the agreement between Bahrain and Israel to sign a peace agreement as a “historic moment.” Trump indicated that it was “the second peace agreement between Israel and an Arab country within less than 30 days,” after signing the UAE-Isreal Peace Agreement last month.

A statement issued by Bahrain stated that King Hamad bin Isa received a phone call today from Trump, with the participation of Netanyahu.

During the call, the King of Bahrain stressed the need to reach a just and comprehensive peace, as a strategic option, in accordance with the two-state solution and relevant international legitimacy decisions, praising the pivotal role that the US administration plays and its tireless efforts to advance the peace process and establish security and stability in the Middle East region.”

The UAE is a peacemaker

UAE expanding the horizons of peace in region

Netanyahu tweets that after concluding an agreement with the UAE, for 29 days, they were able to conclude an agreement with another Arab country and did not wait for 26 years, as happened previously.

Netanyahu said on his Twitter account: “Citizens of Israel, I am pleased to inform you that tonight we will reach another peace agreement with another Arab country, with Bahrain. It will join the historic peace agreement with the UAE.”


President of Israel after the agreement with Bahrain: The UAE opened the door for peace

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said that the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates opened a new chapter for peace in the Middle East and expanding the horizons of peace in region.

“The UAE- Israel peace agreement has opened a new chapter in the Middle East and expanding the horizons of peace in region, and we are witnessing the change that it brings to our region with Bahrain’s decision to take the path of friendship and establish full relations with the State of Israel,” Rivlin added during his comment on the agreement between Israel and Bahrain on Saturday evening.

September 15 … a date to remember by the history

During the three-way call, Friday, the US President extended an invitation to the Kingdom of Bahrain to participate in the signing ceremony of the peace treaty.

Manama announced accepting the invitation of US President Trump to attend the treaty signing ceremony, where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdul Latif Al-Zayani will sign the peace declaration.

This means that September 15 will be a historic day when the world will remember the prominent role of the UAE in achieving peace and promoting development and prosperity in the region as expanding the horizons of peace in region.

Perhaps this is what proves the rapid success of the vision of the leadership in the UAE, which set its sights on the decision to direct relations with Israel, that this step contributes to the development of various economic and development sectors throughout the region, and opens new horizons for cooperation in this strategic part of the world that will bring prosperity for the people of the region as a whole.

The White House prepares for the signing ceremony of the UAE and Bahrain agreements with Israel

Bahraini Minister of Information Affairs Ali bin Muhammad Al-Rumaihi said that the declaration of support the Israel-Bahrain peace agreement as a historic and important step towards establishing peace in the Middle East region, and it is a realistic step that helps end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in accordance with the Arab initiative.

He indicated that the Kingdom had received an invitation from the American President to participate in the signing ceremony of the peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel on September 15 at the White House, and Bahrain agreed to participate, as the foreign minister would represent it to sign a declaration in support of peace that will contribute to establishing relations Full diplomacy between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Abdullah bin Zayed leads the UAE delegation to sign the peace treaty

Emirati Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed heads an official delegation that includes senior officials to Washington on September 15, at the invitation of US President Donald Trump to participate in the signing ceremony of the historic UAE-Israel peace agreement, in the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinians support the Emirates against the merchants of the cause: She raised peace and stopped the annexation

The peace agreement froze Israeli attempts to swallow Palestinian land

The Palestinians could not remain silent on the allegations and allegations of the traffickers in their case, who deliberately question any step towards a comprehensive solution for it, and they sought to defend the courageous Emirati positions, stressing that it raised the banner of peace and stopped annexing the territories.

Once again, the UAE proves to the world that it has an active and vital role in making peace, expanding the horizons of peace in region and supporting the Palestinian cause, which is its first central cause.

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