UAE embassy in Washington launches a digital radio program

Two experts, who are among the most prominent leaders in the health care sector worldwide, stressed the importance of international cooperation and information exchange to combat the new epidemic of the Coronavirus, which causes Covid-19 disease. This came during the first episode of a series of digital radio programs launched by the UAE embassy in the United States of America, through the “Podbridge” method available on all major “podcast” platforms.

The UAE embassy launches new technology

A digital radio program to confront Corona

Uae Embassy
Describing the challenge posed by the coronavirus

The participants were hosted by the UAE embassy to the United States Ambassador, Yousef Al Otaiba.

Al Otaiba pointed out that «Covid-19» forced the world to be in a state of stagnation. He said that his guests on the program, Dr. Tom Mihaljevic, Executive Director of the “Cleveland Clinic”, and Dr. Kurt Newman, Executive Director of the National Children’s Hospital in Washington, play pioneering roles in helping society understand this epidemic, and treat it so that people can resume normal life and activities.

Al-Otaiba added that, the health expertise and ideas put forward by the two doctors are invaluable and that this epidemic has not been spared by any society, and “we must come together to defeat it.”

The ambassador pointed out that “Broadbridge” allows the experts to exchange their ideas on vital topics of common interest to reach listeners in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries.

UAE embassy highlights the importance of international cooperation

The challenges to control the Coronavirus

The guest of the episode talked about the challenges associated with efforts to control the Corona epidemic and the information that health care workers reached, to know the details of the epidemic within a short period of time.

Both Mihaljevic and Newman pointed to an unprecedented international scientific cooperation, accompanied by the most accurate techniques, which allows medical workers to achieve enormous achievements in the face of the epidemic during this difficult period.

They also pointed to the new scientific discoveries needed by the current circumstances, in order to be able to develop treatment plans and reach medicines to recover from the epidemic.

Describing the challenge posed by the coronavirus

Mihaljevic said healthcare professionals are using methods dating back to the 14th century to fight one of the diseases of the 21st century, calling for greater efforts to exploit artificial intelligence and exchange information and advanced pharmaceutical industries to defeat the emerging Corona epidemic.

He pointed out that, the response of the “Mayo Clinic” hospital in the United States to the Corona epidemic was built on the basis of information drawn from the results of the laboratories at the “Mayo Clinic Abu Dhabi” Hospital, which began fighting the epidemic early this year before its discovery in the United States.

Commenting on the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic on children, the Executive Director of the National Children’s Hospital in Washington said that the idea that children are not necessarily affected by this virus may not be correct. He believed that it was too early to know the facts.

Progress steps to determine the coronavirus treatment

Research has started to make steady progress and started to see accelerating steps forward in using the latest genetic methods to determine what the coronavirus is. The genome (the set of integrated genetic material) has been defined very quickly in terms of the aspects that have been defined, and there are laboratories all over the world that are currently working on a new vaccine.

The Mayo Clinic Abu Dhabi Hospital is one of the newest hospitals in the Emirates that meet international standards, as it opened in 2015, and Dr. Mihaljevic previously held the position of Executive Director of the hospital.

Like the Cleveland Clinic, the National Children’s Hospital in Washington has an extended relationship with the UAE, and the hospital also includes the Sheikh Zayed Institute for Innovative Pediatric Surgery, a research institute that aims to make surgeries more accurate, less surgical and pain-free.

Source: WAM
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