The UAE strengthens the world’s efforts to eliminate coronavirus

With its emergence as one of the most successful international research centres aimed at achieving a safe and efficient vaccine against this disease, the UAE has enhanced its efficient role in promoting global efforts to eliminate coronavirus.

It’s time to end Coronavirus

The importance of creating successful vaccinations to eliminate the virus was stressed by His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and His Highness said: “Corona vaccination is our path to return to normal life.” He also posted a photo of his highness on Twitter while receiving coronavirus vaccination, which is manufactured against the coronavirus.

Recently, the nation has entered into an alliance with the most influential producers of global vaccines. In Abu Dhabi, the final stages of the Chinese “Sinopharm” and “Sputnik v” clinical trials are currently ongoing, in the wake of global expectation for the final findings. Choosing the UAE as one of the most appropriate stations for the final testing of the vaccine, on the basis of confidence in its role, the efficacy of its health system and its leadership’s view of the value of unity and international collaboration in coping with the pandemic.

Efforts everywhere to combat coronavirus

These actions correlate with the state going forward with its “Covid -19” prevention plan by intensifying examinations, precautionary steps, and diligent medical treatment, resulting in recording 93 percent of the world’s highest cure rates.

Earlier, While the world has now come to terms with the pandemic situation, it is a necessity to pursue a safe state of mind, the DHA said. “Dr. Khawla Ahmed Al Mir, Rashid Hospital specialist psychiatrist, said:” The initial cycle of shock is over and we are obviously in the process of transition. We need to learn to deal with the new realities, we need to change to remain mentally fit.

There are certain tension factors in the present scenario that can not be altered, such as work instability, Mir said. It is important to note, however, that we should reflect only on the things we can affect and that we should not worry about the things that are beyond our influence.

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