International recognition for UAE efforts to fight corona

The International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) acknowledged the United Arab Emirates’ has determined efforts to fight corona pandemic and the effective precautions taken by the government of the country to limit the impact of the crisis in various areas, including the social and economic sectors.

The commendation follows on from the organization’s continuing study of the potential effects to fight corona epidemic on countries around the world and also the capacity of their economic structures to cope with the crisis. Covid-19 Policy Hub of the OECD also provides a detailed description of the number of infectious cases in each country and their respective efforts to tackle the epidemic.

OECD recognizes UAE efforts to fight corona

OECD’s Evaluation Criteria

fight corona
OECD recognizes UAE efforts to fight corona

The OECD based its evaluation on a comprehensive study prepared by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA). It details the programs, actions and policy strategies undertaken at the regional level by different government agencies aimed at maintaining collective health and safety. Taking into account the continuity of work in vital sectors. Such as energy, education, healthcare, communications and government services, the FCSA report highlights the various steps taken by the UAE to prevent the spread of coronavirus. It includes conducting awareness campaigns and enforcing practical steps that have both helped to reduce the number of infected cases.

The rapid adoption of national policies to deal with the current crisis and ensured effective efficiency across all government agencies.

The extent of agility demonstrated is evidence of the government system’s ingenuity, which operates in total harmony and synergy under the direction of the UAE leadership to meet these needs.

The economic situation has created a significant and continuing challenge. The United Arab Emirates has been able to minimize the repercussions from the pandemic in all fields, due to the leadership’s approach to invest in national skills and supplying the country’s human capital. With both the technological and smart opportunities to achieve success. Today, we enjoy the rewards of this commitment and are proud of the national integrated team who deserve full respect. Because of their diligence and willingness to work effectively with the OECD-a respected global organisation”. Lootah said.

leadership directions to fight corona

More Accomplishments

Develop an efficient structure for the national statistics system, also to continuously maintain a comprehensive database.

Prepare detailed analyzes and studies that help advance the position of the United Arab Emirates on various indices of global competitiveness.

Proud of the support of the OECD for UAE actions, also their effectiveness in fight corona pandemic.

Call on all government agencies to redouble their collaboration and coordination activities in all fields.

Achieve greater results and to make substantial strides for the country in all industries and across different metrics.

In line with careful leadership directions.

For his part, OECD Director of Global Affairs Andreas Schaal said: “The Covid-19 crisis has also sharply taught us that. Because our countries are part of a larger integrated society. International collaboration has never been so critical. The UAE has proved to be a significant and creative partner. As we jointly seek to formulate the most appropriate strategies to address such an extraordinary situation.

Source: alkhaleejtoday
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