UAE unremitting efforts to combat Corona locally & globally

The UAE continues its intensive efforts to combat Corona (COVID-19) both internally and externally. The crisis of “COVID-19” proved that the UAE model is strong and pioneering in dealing with crises and adapting to that, thanks to 50 years of growth in a competitive region.

UAE efforts to combat Corona locally and globally

The UAE model is based on the continuous development and diversification in order to deal with the global epidemic crisis at high and considered levels, according to the report issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in the Emirates.

UAE Healthcare efforts

The UAE has been able to demonstrate its ability to combat Corona through several exemplary health measures and achievements.

On May 1, 2020, it announced the arrival of an innovative stem cell treatment for the Coronavirus by a team of researchers at the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center.

On May 19, a team at the Quaint Liz laboratory developed a rapid laser test to detect coronavirus infection, with the goal of using it for comprehensive testing, with results in a few seconds.

The UAE also ranked first globally in the ratio of taking tests per million people, after conducting more than 4 million tests.

The UAE largest laboratory in the world

The UAE established the largest laboratory in the world outside China in 14 days, to perform tens of thousands of tests per day. It also developed the “Al-Hosn” application on April 24 to help identify cases infected with the virus, and help implement home quarantine.

On the other hand, the UAE is currently conducting more than 58 studies and research to develop innovative treatments for the Covid-19 virus, in addition to launching coronavirus testing centres from within the vehicle to expand the scope of tests, which made it the fifth country in the world, and the first in the region that provides This service.

Corona home examination

National Home Screening Program

It also launched the National Home Screening Program for People of Determination to ensure adequate access to tests for all members of society.

Health authorities have built 24 facilities across the country, including the largest field hospital in the Middle East, to expand testing capabilities and take advantage of the existing healthcare infrastructure. 2 million COVID-19 tests were performed.

UAE International cooperation to combat Corona

The UAE continues its efforts to assist friendly and brotherly countries to combat Corona by running much necessary relief assistance.

The UAE has sent more than 1,100 tons of medical aid to more than 74 countries, to support its efforts to combat Corona, which has helped more than a million health care workers.

It has also facilitated the passage of 80% of WHO supplies through the International Humanitarian City for Services in Dubai, the largest relief city in the world, as well as participating in an international pledge conference hosted by European leaders to raise 7.5 billion euros for the discovery, production and distribution of a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus.

The UAE has also launched an international air bridge to provide health and humanitarian supplies that are a lifeline for fragile societies suffering from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

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