UAE 7 strict conditions for educational institutions next year

The Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates announced that it is considering the return of students to educational institutions in the next academic year, after the implementation of the education system (via distance) in recent months to prevent infection with the new Coronavirus.

The UAE is considering returning students to educational institutions next academic year

Al-Anoud Abdullah, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, told reporters Monday evening that the ministry has laid down an integrated plan to discuss the possibility of resuming studies in all governmental and private educational institutions, whether kindergartens, schools or universities with the beginning of the next academic year according to strict controls and tight preventive measures, all educational institutions In the state fully abide by it.

7 strict conditions for UAE educational institutions

The controls set by the ministry include the obligation to measure the temperature of all working cadres from educational bodies and students on a daily basis in educational institutions, as well as maintaining the application of physical distance and reducing absorptive capacity in classrooms, both in universities and schools, in addition to sterilizing the buildings of educational institutions, classrooms, laboratories and facilities Periodically.

The spokesman indicated that group activities such as school trips, celebrations, sports and student camps will be suspended.

It was also decided to reduce the carrying capacity of buses, so that they do not exceed 30 percent to achieve physical distance, and measure the temperature of each student before boarding the bus, in addition to appointing a nursing staff in schools to maintain a safe environment and reduce risks to students.

The UAE announces the most prominent features of the plan to resume studies in all educational institutions

The plan includes the following:

  1. Measuring the temperature for all working cadres from educational bodies, students and others on a daily basis
    Apply the spacing distances recommended by health authorities.
  2. Reducing the capacity in the classroom, whether in universities or schools.
  3. Sterilize buildings of educational institutions, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities on a regular basis.
  4. Organizing and managing the students ’eating and meals in schools and universities to ensure that they do not participate among students.
  5. Reducing gatherings and suspending group activities.
  6. Reduced bus capacity to no more than 30%.
  7. Measuring each student’s temperature before boarding the bus.
  8. Preventing individuals working in support and maintenance services from entering educational institutions during working hours.
  9. Organizing the university housing mechanism and opening it according to specific precautionary procedures and requirements.
  10. Identify a health and safety officer in each educational institution.
  11. The presence of the nursing staff in schools to maintain a safe environment and reduce risks to students.
  12. The guardian must ensure the health and safety of his children before taking them to school and inform the school.
  13. immediately in the event of any health symptoms or if the student has had contact with patients with COVID-19.
  14. For students who suffer from health conditions, their conditions will be studied and appropriate action taken accordingly.
Source: khaleejtimes
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