Preventive Measures Package in UAE Educational Institutions

The Minister of Education of the United Arab Emirates, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, affirmed that the health and safety of students is a top priority, and all state institutions cooperate in order to preserve them, thanking everyone who has contributed and continues to make the efforts aimed at continuing the educational process in the best way, including parents and workers in UAE Educational Institutions and partners in various sectors.

Resumption of studies at different stages of UAE Educational Institutions

This came during the periodic media briefing organized by the UAE government, today, Tuesday, to inform the public and the media about developments in the health situation and the efforts made by various state institutions to combat the emerging Coronavirus and deal with the pandemic in the best way, in a way that supports the pace of the gradual recovery process witnessed by all sectors.

At the outset of his intervention, the UAE Minister of Education affirmed that “the ministry was able to complete the last academic year thanks to the unlimited support of the leadership in the Emirates and thanks to the cooperation of all concerned parties.”

Al-Hammadi announced that about one million two hundred seventy thousand students have resumed studies in the various stages of education, with 130 thousand students in higher education, and one million and forty thousand students in public education, indicating that “the ministry has adopted a hybrid UAE Educational Institutions system that combines distance education with the actual presence of institutions.

“The educational system, after the concerned bodies in the ministry, during the last period, implemented a realistic simulation of students’ attendance in schools to identify challenges and opportunities for improvement. A large number of performance reports were discussed that provide a comprehensive view and a clear assessment of the situation since the beginning of the learning experience.”

He explained that “the strategy for resuming the study is based on an integrated set of axes that ensure the health of students and all participants in the UAE Educational Institutions process by developing a package of preventive measures that are followed inside and outside educational institutions to protect students from home and through their presence on buses to school and until they return safely to Their homes. ”

He added that UAE Educational Institutions will follow a health protocol to ensure the health and safety of students, and through corona examinations in addition to temperature checks before entering the educational facility, applying physical distancing standards, sterilization and continuous disinfection throughout the school day, in addition to school transport services being subject to strict standards in order to provide better Means of protection and prevention for students.

1.27 million students resume studies in UAE Educational Institutions

The nature of students’ attendance

Regarding the nature of students ’attendance during the current academic year, Al-Hammadi revealed that“ the actual attendance will be temporary so that the attendance percentage is initially limited to 25% of those who wish to study in reality, and then the percentage is raised after two weeks to reach 50%, then 75%, and until arrival To 100% of realistic education for wishing students. ”

Safe implementation strategy for UAE Educational Institutions

In order to ensure the effective and safe implementation of this strategy, Al Hammadi indicated the Ministry of Education’s keenness to train and educate all stakeholders in UAE Educational Institutions, in addition to developing means for monitoring and inspection, foremost of which is the activation of the Ministry’s operations room, which operates 24 hours to ensure the implementation of the set plan and commitment to it by the parties all.

He also explained that, “out of its keenness to communicate constructively with parents, the ministry polled their views on the best educational means that could be adopted and also allowed parents to choose between real-time or distance education during the first semester.”

Plans of higher UAE Educational Institutions

Al-Hammadi stressed that “the concerned agencies in the ministry held many meetings with those in charge of higher UAE Educational Institutions to discuss the plans prepared by them to resume studies, and accordingly the distance learning and education mechanism was adopted on campus according to the nature of the educational curriculum, as lectures will be provided remotely,” As for the presence in the laboratories and practical training, it will be attended.

He revealed that the Ministry, in cooperation and coordination with the strategic partners, is carrying out a comprehensive evaluation process to determine the results of the deliberate plans, and take into account the new circumstances, to determine the parameters of each stage in line with the situation in a timely manner, and in a way that serves the interest of students.

Al-Hammadi stressed the importance of the role of parents during the various stages, especially during the next phase, pointing to the role of family awareness in introducing students to the emerging situations and the extent of change taking place in the whole world, and how they can protect themselves and others under these circumstances.

The Minister of Education called on parents to highlight the importance of adhering to preventive measures for children and to inform them of their effective role as a means of protection against infection and prevent the spread of infection, calling for the need to obtain information from official sources only and not pay attention to false news and rumours, wishing a happy and fruitful academic year for all students.

Source: WAM
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