UAE diplomatic relations and conditional right

Within the framework of the developments in relations between the UAE and Israel, the UAE diplomatic relations were improved on a large scale, as both countries were able to achieve cooperation in most prominent fields.

UAE diplomatic relations

Positive effects of the introduction of the peace treaty

– The peace treaty is a sovereign decision, and the UAE has the right to establish diplomatic relations with the State of Israel or any other country according to its national interests.

– The process of building direct bilateral UAE diplomatic relations with Israel will be gradual and will be based on a series of reciprocal measures to ensure trust.

– This step strengthened the US commitment to the Middle East and demonstrated the importance of the US role in reaching a solution to the region’s crises.

– Bilateral UAE diplomatic relations with Israel will directly contribute to providing opportunities for young people who are in dire need, through the development of various sectors in the region, including education, technology, energy, environment, culture, tourism and others.

– Through this peace agreement to ensure the greatest benefit for the region and the people

UAE and its firm stance towards the Palestinian issue

– The peace agreement is the starting point for the Palestinians, Israelis, the region and the international community to start working on achieving peace in the region.

– The peace agreement ends the Israeli annexation plan for the Palestinian territories while preserving the two-state solution as an option. The suspension of annexation was one of the main demands of the trilateral talks because it preserves hopes for a two-state solution and benefits the Palestinian people.

– The US government has put its weight behind this commitment, and Palestinians and Israelis should take advantage of this achievement to negotiate a just and sustainable agreement, in line with their own perceptions and priorities.

– The position of the UAE on the Palestinian issue and the rights of the Palestinian people has not changed. Throughout history, we have strongly supported the aspirations of the Palestinian people, as evidenced by our record with regard to international resolutions and humanitarian aid.

The latest developments in cooperation between the UAE and Israel

UAE – Israel cooperation in the agricultural and water fields

Maryam Bint Muhammad Saeed Hareb Al Muhairi, the UAE Minister of State for Food and Water Security, held her first talks with the Israeli Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Alon Schuster, during a virtual meeting held on Friday.

UAE diplomatic relations in different fields with Israel

According to the Emirati news agency “WAM“, on Sunday evening, the UAE-Israel sides stressed during their meeting the need to increase their participation in investment and promising cooperation opportunities that await the two countries as a result of the peace agreement.

The meeting between UAE-Israel countries comes as a continuation of the efforts made by the UAE in support of human fraternity and the principles of tolerance and peaceful coexistence in the Middle East region.

The two ministers pledged to cooperate in projects that deal with food and water security, which represent a great priority in both the UAE and the State of Israel, in addition to many related fields, on top of which are research and development, aquaculture, agricultural technologies and others.

The two parties agreed to define points of direct communication between the two ministerial offices in order to enhance joint work and move forward in preparing an integrated cooperation program.

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