The UAE is a model for dealing with the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis due to the outbreak of the “Coronavirus” emerging (COVID-19), demonstrated the strength and ability of the UAE to manage crises, through mechanisms and strategies to bear the rescue from the pandemic of “Corona”, and heralds a new future, full of various opportunities. The UAE has managed to build bridges of hope above the sea of ​​despair that drowned the world because of the effects of the virus, to become a special and inspiring model in the smart management of the crisis, through the use of innovative methods, that exceed the global practices in the face of the epidemic that affected more than six million people around the world.

Those who have benefited from the UAE’s strategies, whether citizens, residents or visitors, are stranded due to ‘Corona, who are fully aware that the state has employed all its financial, technological and human capabilities and its digital infrastructure to ensure business continuity with high efficiency and great capabilities in maintaining health and safety Everyone who lives on the land of the Emirates.

The success did not come overnight. Rather, it came as a result of investing in decades in digital technology to reap the benefits of current generations, in many areas, which gave it immunity to face the repercussions of the virus, most notably health, education, technology, and food security.

UAE offers a human model in dealing with coronavirus crisis

Coronavirus Crisis
Lessons From The Uae’s Response To The Pandemic

International certificates

The continuous follow-up around the clock by the state’s leaders to the measures taken in the face of Corona, is a regional and global example, along with their assurances and assurances that the state will assume its responsibility to protect human life, creating a climate of security, safety, and comfort among all who live on the land of the Emirates.

International reports have unanimously agreed that the UAE has a comparative advantage, compared to other countries in the Middle East region, regarding its ability to weather the economic repercussions of the Corona outbreak. The preference reports attributed to the underlying structural characteristics of the UAE’s economy composition and how it is run, foremost among which is the most diversified and least dependent on oil revenues in the region.

Jihad Azour, Director of the Middle East and Central Asia at the International Monetary Fund, stressed that the UAE is able to face the consequences of the crisis and overcome it with the support of its huge financial blockages and the base of economic diversification.

He said that the UAE was one of the first countries in the world to take appropriate measures to face the health, social and economic repercussions to confront the coronavirus crisis, and approved a number of financial and monetary support packages, in addition to a number of measures to reduce fees and support small and medium companies in facing the repercussions of the crisis, with a remarkable focus on aspects Health, maintaining the safety of citizens and residents.

High efficiency

For its part, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development praised the continuous and continuous efforts taken by the UAE in all fields, in order to ensure high efficiency in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, and the effectiveness of these measures, in reducing the repercussions of this crisis on various aspects of life.

In late April, the World Health Organization praised the humanitarian and relief efforts that the UAE has made since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, by continuing its work with the assistance of countries and their relief under these exceptional circumstances, as it has provided 64 countries around the world with more than 723 tons of medical aid. More than 716,000 healthcare workers have benefited from it.

Urgent action

Dr. Habib Al Mulla, CEO of Baker & McKenzie Habib Al Mulla Lawyers and Legal Consultations, said that the Emirati model was based on taking urgent measures, within a tight strategy, taking advantage of the experiences of others, without similarities, which made the UAE occupy an advanced position among countries The region and the world are the best in the face of the ‘coronavirus crisis’.

He added that the UAE has succeeded in adopting a series of support measures and stimulating economic and commercial growth for individuals and companies, pointing out that the provision of support and huge economic stimulus plans to the most affected sectors, which have a total value to date, amounted to 282.5 billion dirhams, contributed to ensuring business continuity.

UAE is a model in smart management to confront the coronavirus crisis

An innovative approach

The economic expert, Dr. Nasser Al-Saeedi, said that the UAE has set for itself a special model and an innovative approach in facing the challenges of ‘Corona, where a moment has not wavered on providing the necessary support to all sectors, with the aim of stimulating the national economy at all levels, along with its prior preparations by strengthening the strategic stockpile. The state in the fields of food and medicine has emerged clearly through the absence of any shortage of different commodities in the markets since the beginning of the crisis, in addition to the development of the infrastructure in the country, and the network of communications and the Internet has allowed schools and universities to shift towards distance education.

He added that the rapid movements and proactive decisions of the government of the state and local governments, with reliance on the readiness and advanced technologies that all state institutions enjoy, adapt technology to accomplish tasks, and meet the daily requirements of the remote customer audience, whose positive effects were reflected in maintaining the safety of the UAE population, and contributed To spread the spirit of optimism for all members of society and help them get out safely from the current economic challenges.

He pointed out that these measures confirm that the UAE will remain a safe haven for investment, in light of the ability of its governments to adapt to all regional and global changes and developments.

Power factor

During these critical times, the shipping and logistical support sector in the UAE was issued globally by providing supplies and basic commodities to people around the world, as a strength in supporting the global logistics network to meet the challenges of the emerging coronavirus crisis.

The air and maritime logistical arms of the state formed an air bridge and a vital artery, within the continuity of supplies to many global markets, in light of the slow supply chains for these markets, as well as the efforts that were made in returning the citizens of some countries to their home countries, and saving the nationals of countries stranded in regions Different around the world, and returning them home safely.

According to the Maritime Connectivity Index – one of the reliable indicators in measuring the arrival of countries and their connection to the global trade movement – the UAE has the highest degree of correlation with global maritime trade networks at the level of the Middle East and neighbouring African countries, and southern and western Asia, which confirms the role and status of the state in this field.

Technical leadership

The ‘Corona crisis’ stressed Emirati leadership in the information and communications technology sector, and the great importance of having an infrastructure capable of meeting the needs of the government, companies and the public, as the role of information technology exceeds simple communication, to become an innovative tool, working to improve the quality of life, especially at this time The sensor.

A report issued by the Dubai Future Foundation, entitled ‘Life after COVID-19: The Future of Communications,’ stressed the importance of the initiatives launched by government agencies and telecommunications companies in the Emirates, with the aim of supporting businesses and individuals from the early stages of the virus, by ensuring the ability to continue working and distance education, Thanks to modern communication systems, advanced infrastructure based on artificial intelligence technology, digital transformation, and smart services.

Strong platforms

The Corona crisis was an opportunity to demonstrate the benefit and quality of the education sector in the UAE. After the suspension of schools and universities, the distance learning phase for students began, after the spring vacation, to continue the academic year, and a set of strong platforms for self-education and distance study are available online.

According to the Dubai Foundation for the Future report, entitled ‘Life after COVID-19 … The future of education, the size of the market for educational technologies in the UAE is expected to reach 40 billion dollars (about 146 billion dirhams), by 2022, but the outbreak of the virus has accelerated The responsible authorities are taking several quick steps to further develop the sector.

Human Takaful

At a time when the world is racing to reach the expected treatment and the development of examination tools, the UAE has made its role in the field of development and innovation, through the achievement of the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, and its success in developing a stem cell therapy for the virus, in addition to announcing the development of a new tool that allows testing High-speed teamwork within seconds, allowing for an unprecedented expansion of the circuit.

At a time when the virus placed the flood of mankind in the face of its weakness, the Emirates embodied the most brilliant forms of human and economic solidarity between people, to pour down the sea of ​​its giving, and to become the most providing the necessary assistance, and its humanitarian charitable initiatives crossed the borders, to reach different parts of the world, which figures showed since the beginning of the crisis to right Now.

After coronavirus

Parallel to the concern of all countries of the world with updating the coronavirus map, there were ‘thinking cells’ in the Emirates, looking at the future fate, especially after the time of ‘Corona’, to seize its place in the new world, after the end of the war and victory over the virus, by re-prioritizing And re-formulate the concepts, especially since there is consensus that there will be a new world beyond ‘Corona.

The UAE started holding a series of intensive government sessions, including ministers, agents, executive boards, and international experts, to start crafting a post-Corona strategy, by setting detailed policies, in the short and long term, to achieve recovery and the resumption of economic activity in the country.

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