UAE announces emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine

The United Arab Emirates Minister of Health, Abdul Rahman Al Owais, announced that the United Arab Emirates has authorized the emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine, to make it available to the groups that deal with the most infected with the disease among the heroes of the first line of defense, with the aim of providing all safety to protect them from any dangers they may face due to their work.

COVID-19 vaccine emergency use

The emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine is announced to be fully and completely in line with the United Arab Emirates regulations and laws that allow for a faster review of licensing procedures.

United Arab Emirates effective COVID-19 vaccine

In the state, as all efforts were exerted to support the health sector system and providing it with all it needs, and adapting the scientific progress achieved to find effective and definitive solutions, which made the United Arab Emirates a pioneer at the global level in research and studies aimed at developing a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

The United Arab Emirates minister added that the spread of the pandemic around the world has caused great confusion to put health systems in a difficult test and challenge, as the greatest difficulty.

Enable the health care system to deal with the new coronavirus pandemic and enhancing its ability to control and contain the virus.

COVID-19 vaccine third stage effectiveness

Al-Owais confirmed that the results of the studies during the final stages of the third stage showed that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective and resulted in a strong response.

The studies showed the safety of COVID-19 vaccine, this process is carried out under the strict supervision of a medical team to administer the study and the health authorities.

The Minister of Health stated that these steps aim to contribute to preserving the lives of millions of people and to provide health care for the injured.

Third phase of clinical trials

During the briefing, Dr. Nawal Al-Kaabi, head of the National Clinical Committee for Coronavirus, the principal investigator of the third phase of clinical trials of the inactive COVID-19 vaccine.

The doctor revealed many developments about the third phase of clinical trials of the inactive COVID-19 vaccine, confirming that the United Arab Emirates is taking positive steps towards reaching the promising vaccine.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

The United Arab Emirates includes a group of advanced facilities such as the “Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)”.

It is considered one of the largest field clinics for clinical trials, where 31 thousand volunteers from 125 nationalities participated in these experiments.

Volunteering reflects the awareness of the Emirati community and its eagerness to participate in such humanitarian initiatives.

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