UAE scientific leadership in testing COVID-19 vaccine trials

Scientists and medical experts have expressed their confidence in testing a vaccine for the emerging Coronavirus, which is being carried out by the “G42 Healthcare” in coordination with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) and the Chinese pharmaceutical company, “Sinopharm CNPG”, under the supervision of the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, They emphasized that the UAE’s participation in the COVID-19 vaccine trials reflects its scientific leadership in this field.

The UAE’s participation in COVID-19 vaccine trials reflects its scientific leadership

Dr. Ina Abboud, a specialist in genetics and viruses at the University of London, said that the United Arab Emirates is an advanced country in technology, science and health. It is expected that the COVID-19 vaccine trials will achieve good and tangible results by the end of this year, adding that the UAE is a country with a highly developed scientific infrastructure. This is evident through its research and studies, and its cooperation from China, which is one of the largest countries that conducted research on the virus, constitutes an important addition to scientific efforts.

For his part, Dr. Diauddin Kamel, a consultant micro-pathologist and lecturer at the University of Cambridge, said that the UAE is witnessing a huge scientific breakthrough at all levels, and this has proven through its cooperation with China to produce a vaccine for the Coronavirus, expecting that the UAE vaccine will surpass the Oxford University vaccine in particular. After vaccine tests achieved groundbreaking results.

UAE participation in conducting the third clinical trials

Dr. Dia expressed his pride in the existence of an Arab effort to produce a vaccine to eradicate the Coronavirus, which reflects the ambition of the UAE in scientific research, surpassing that of many scientifically leading countries. “The great Emirati step reflects the availability of a respectable medical device and the employment of pioneering technology Experienced management to deal with the epidemic ».

Jordanian experts also appreciated the participation of the UAE in conducting the third clinical trials to produce the COVID-19 vaccine trials, as this step will be the beginning of the road and a source of hope for researchers and scientists in the Arab region in the fields of medical research. The epidemiology consultant for the Middle East Network for Community Health, Dr. Adel Al-Belbeisi: The Emirati contribution is to save humanity from this epidemic, in addition to that the UAE, scientists and specialists in it will have scientific experience in how to produce COVID-19 vaccine trials, and this will be positively reflected in their medical research.

UAE COVID-19 vaccine trials production

Producing vaccines process

Al-Belbisi said: The process of producing vaccines is a long and complex process that requires the concerted efforts of countries, and that these countries be qualified for this step, as production goes through multiple stages, and it is the first exploratory stage that is carried out in the laboratory, and then it is tested on animals so that researchers know whether the bodies of animals will produce bodies If this is successful, we move on to the human clinical stages, which include 3 progressive steps.

He concluded by saying: There are also reasons for choosing the UAE to implement the third clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine trials, which is that the UAE has all the capabilities to conduct these experiments, in addition to the diversity of nationalities, which is very important.
Scientific experience

The head of the Jordanian Society of Genetic Engineers, Ramzi Fouda, confirmed that the Emirati experience is a promising starting point for Arab countries, as this participation will give researchers and specialists experienced in this field. Currently, international success is measured by the number of tests that are conducted to control the epidemic and be able to understand it, as the UAE is one of the most successful countries in conducting the examinations.

The third stage of the Corona vaccine achieves the first target

It achieved the first clinical trial in the world for the third phase of the inactive COVID-19 vaccine trials, its first target, and reached more than 5,000 volunteers in clinical phase trials, representing 80 nationalities, which reflects the diversity and commitment of the entire community, while the Department of Health announced in Abu Dhabi on the possibility of using the volunteers in the third phase of the inactive “Covid-19” vaccine experiments, to apply the fortress to identify themselves throughout the program period, as the volunteer fortification application will show the date of the vaccine dose (the first vaccine is in white, and the second vaccine is in gold), Noting that the new update is available on all “iOS” and “Android” devices.

UAE 4 Humanity Volunteer Campaign

In detail, the department confirmed that the experiments of the inactive COVID-19 vaccine trials, as part of the campaign 4 humanity, exceeded 5000 volunteers, considering it a prominent development of the first experiments in the world for the third phase of the inactive vaccine, and emphasizing the importance of the spirit of volunteering at the national level, And the strength of the health care system in achieving the desired goal.

Source: WAM
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