UAE COVID-19 vaccine trials volunteers encouraging results

A number of experts and volunteers agreed that the results of volunteers receiving doses of the inactive COVID-19 vaccine trials in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi were encouraging.

The antibiotics formed after two vaccinations were measured, while the safety and effectiveness of the vaccination were tested on different groups of society.

Encouraging results of COVID-19 vaccine trials volunteers

Dr. Nawal Ahmed Muhammad Al-Kaabi, head of consultants at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City and head of the National Clinical Committee for the COVID-19 epidemic, explained that the reason for choosing the UAE to test the vaccine in its third phase is the capabilities it possesses to conduct clinical trials, COVID-19 vaccine trials, according to international protocols.

She added that: “We have excellent health infrastructures and research specialists to carry out this experiment, and we also do all the necessary follow-ups for the volunteers in terms of medical evaluation, laboratory evaluation and follow-up, and this is one of the reasons.”

She indicated that the antibodies that were formed after two vaccinations were very encouraging, as about 100% of the volunteers had high antibiotics after two doses of COVID-19 vaccine trials, after which they moved to the third stage, which is a very important stage because it is the pre-industrial stage.

At this stage, testing is carried out on large numbers of volunteers, and the safety and effectiveness of vaccination are tested on various groups of society, as 15,000 volunteers have been vaccinated in the UAE, according to Al-Kaabi.

She pointed out that there are side effects like any other inactive vaccination, COVID-19 vaccine trials, including pain or swelling at the site of the needle, and there is another group that has a slight fever or fatigue, and at least a headache or pain in the abdomen.

Praising 3rd clinical phase of the COVID-19 vaccine trials

Volunteer Khalifa Al-Obaidli said: “Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, who granted me this beautiful opportunity of generous leadership to participate in this volunteering in the third clinical phase of the COVID-19 vaccine trials.”

He expressed his feeling of pride, “especially in front of my family and children for my contribution to saving humanity from this epidemic, which has made people live in terror and fear,” praising the organizers and the health sector for this distinguished global event.

For his part, volunteer Ahmed Bin Sulaiman said: “We are volunteers in the third stage of the clinical study of the COVID-19 vaccine trials. We heard from the beginning of the topic about the COVID-19 vaccine trials and decided to be the first volunteer, and this second dose is for me,” affirming that he has access to health care and follow-up by officials, and the medical staff.

UAE 4 Humanity Campaign success

The Syrian volunteer also thanked the UAE for this work that serves all of humanity and saves it from this epidemic, which has spread rapidly in all countries of the world.

Volunteer Mane Saeed Al-Azizi confirmed his pride and pride in participating in this clinical trial, while volunteer Abdullah Suhail said: “My participation in this experiment is a service to humanity and God willing, the next is better.”

These experiences are the result of cooperation between the health sector in the UAE and the “G42 Healthcare“, a subsidiary of the “G42” group, which is based in Abu Dhabi and is a pioneer in the efforts to address the “COVID-19” pandemic and “Sinopharma C”. NBG, the world’s sixth-largest vaccine producer and the company ranked 169th on the 2018 Fortune Global 500 list.

Source: gulfnews
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