UAE is among the best 10 countries for Covid-19 treatment

In handling Covid-19, the UAE has implemented the “highest scientific standards,” a top official has said. Its success in treatment has reached “all countries of the Middle East and Africa.” In handling the virus, it is ranked as the 10th best in the world, he said.

The official spokesman for the Government of the United Arab Emirates, Dr Omar Al Hammadi, announced the total number of checks, positive cases, recoveries and deaths recorded over the past week.

The art of handling Covid-19

More than 900,000 Covid-19 experiments were performed throughout the country from December 23 to 29. “The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus was 8,491, “meaning that the prevalence of positive cases stood at 1% of the overall number of tests.

The cumulative number of cases containing Covid-19 reached 204,369, while 181,400 recovered. 662 deaths is the death toll in the region.

Overall, since the onset of the pandemic, the world has performed approximately 20.6 million Covid-19 studies.

“The mortality rate from those tests was 0.3%, which is one of the lowest in the world,” Dr. Al Hammadi said.

The UAE has become a global model to emulate in its reaction to the crisis. This is due to the vision of our leadership. It dealt with the disease using a systemic approach, which led to restricting its spread and reducing its effects on all sectors of the state.”

He said that by using artificial intelligence software to complete sterilization operations, the government has improved the effectiveness of preventive steps. He noted that the nation uses a remote counselling system for people with chronic illnesses.

This came as the official presented Tuesday’s weekly Covid-19 media conference.

The UAE is doing a great job in fighting the pandemic. With all the efforts, UAE hopes to eliminate the virus entirely by the end of 2021. It’s a solid fact that UAE is one of the best countries in fighting the pandemic. Let’s hope that other countries follow its path.

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