First Coronavirus Case Recovery in UAE

UAE reported its first recovery of a coronavirus case. This increasing hope after Liu Yujia the Chinese citizen,73 years old, is fully recovered and healthy.

UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention done a miracle job and Chinese Consul General praised the efficiency of the UAE’s Ministry of Health and Prevention which helped in the quick and effective recovery of Yujia.

UAE First Coronavirus Case Recovery Raising Hope

Previously Seven case were reported by UAE health ministry, all Chinese nationals except one case. The non-Chinese case is a Filipino. Cases been monitored with extensive care and support.

The fact that UAE since the Virus outbreak have demonstrated the true meaning of solidarity with the People’s Republic of China in confronting this latest outbreak,” Mr Li said.

Dr Al Rand said the 2019-nCoV detection test Ms Liu took was negative.

Mrs. Liu thanked UAE authority for great care until the recovery. UAE determine to eradicate the virus and give proper health care to all of them, in accordance with leading World Health Organisation standards, with each individual case being monitored until full recovery is attained,” he said.

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