UAE is a major contributor to Moderna vaccine

A United Arab Emirates corporation is approaching the end of a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine Phase III clinical trials and plans to produce it next year, a spokesperson said. The UAE is also a major contributor to Moderna vaccine.

UAE contributes to the Moderna vaccine

The trial, which started in mid-July, is a collaboration between the China National Biotec Group (CNBG) of Sinopharm and the Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Group 422 in Abu Dhabi (G42).

The vaccine uses an inactivated virus, a well-known technology that has been used for influenza and measles diseases. They are given two doses.

In the UAE, Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan, G42 Healthcare CEO Ashish Koshy said it has been administered to more than 31,000 persons.

Analysis of the findings and release will take place in about two months, Koshy said.

G42 has distribution and production arrangements with Sinopharm, he said. And hopes to deliver the vaccine to the UAE and also other regional states, including those participating in the trial.

The aim is to generate in the UAE between 75 and 100 million doses next year, he added.

About two months ago, Emirati volunteer Wo’oud al-Motawaa got the vaccine. She also returned to the facility in the Abu Dhabi emirate for one of her follow-up examinations.

I work in a hospital,” she said. “So it was something we need to help with. “Our country, we trust it.”

G42 said the richness of the UAE population was an advantage, providing over 200 different nationalities. About 125 nationalities have participated so far, Koshy said.

According to the government statistics authority, the UAE has a high per capita average of COVID-19 tests, having carried out more than 10 million tests in a population of about 9.9 million.

UAE is doing everything in its power to help the world stop the current pandemic. We also hope to see the end of Coronavirus on our planet as soon as possible.

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